Sooners reveal depth chart for Bowling Green

Among the surprises on Oklahoma's depth chart releasedon Monday was that true freshman D.J. Wolfe (pictured left) will not redshirt and was slotted as the No. 2 running back. See inside for more news and notes on the Sooners' two deep. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Haderthauer)

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops followed up on his conference call and today's practice by telling the media thatredshirt freshman running back D.J. Wolfe was going to get snaps on Saturday along with freshman Adrian Peterson. Junior KeJuan Jones is listed as the starter with Wolfe as the second team player. They only list two runningbacks, so no other player was listed on the depth chart. But from today's conversation with Coach Stoops, Peterson is currently running No. 3.

I want to point out that is a depth chart five days before the game and is not an indication always when or how players will play. Coach Stoops said today that all three would play so we will see.


When the Sooners run their three-receiver set Mark Clayton, Brandon Jones and Travis Wilson will start. Coming in with the second group will be JeJuan Rankins, Will Peoples and Mark Bradley. Wilson, Clayton and Bradley had the best camps. However, all six wide receivers have practiced well.


As of today, senior offensive lineman Wes Sims is going to start at left tackle while Davin Joseph will stay at right guard. But don't be surprised to see the two switch during the game. John Flynn is still listed as the No. 2 right guard ahead of Bret Rayl. Chris Bush is the back-up at left guard and Chris Chester is the No. 2 center. Akim Millington, who had a great camp, is the No. 2 right and Chris Messner the No. 2 left tackle. But in reality, Joseph is the No. 3 tackle and would be the first tackle in the game on either side.


Coach Stoops still would not say for sure that Paul Thompson was going to redshirt, but he went out of his way to say that he would not play in games where the Sooners had big leads to just close out games. In other words, Thompson won't play in blow-out games, but he will still prepare as if he is the back-up QB. And if Jason White gets injured in a game the Sooners still feel is too close to call, then Thompson will go in the game. However, if OU already has a 28-0 lead then Tommy Grady would go in and finish out the game. If White was going to miss the next game as well, and let's say it was against Kansas, then Grady would get the start. But if it was Kansas State, then Thompson would come out of redshirt and he would play. Thompson is listed No. 2 on the depth chart.


Trey DiCarlo will kick for the Sooners against Bowling Green, but the coaches are still trying to decide if true freshman Garrett Hartley will handle kick-offs or not. Hartley has a much stronger leg on kick-offs.

Official Depth Chart

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