RECRUITING: Jackson helps team win juco title


JH: Congratulations on winning the state JUCO championship.

PJ: Thanks, it was a great game. We won 61-12 and totally dominated the game against Palomar. My coach was telling us that our effort in the first half was probably the best ever in junior college football. We led at halftime 41-0 and coasted from there. They were blown out by halftime. The defense was excellent as they had negative one yards by the end of the half. They finished up with only 90-something in the game. The starters played until the fourth quarter and then our two's got into the game. I played as well as a sam backer can play. I was lined up over the tight end the whole game and I finished with four tackles in the game.

JH: Now that your season is over,can concentrate fully on recruiting?

PJ: Oh yeah, recruiting has been concentrated on bit by bit. Actually, I am concentrating on school so that I make sure that I get that all finished up.

JH: How is recruiting going at this point?

PJ: It's kind of in a dead period after I went to Arizona and this weekend has been one of my first weekend's off. I have just been collecting thoughts trying to make a decision where I want to go.

JH: Are you going to take any other visits?

PJ: I don't know if I am going to South Carolina or not. We are having some communication problems lining up that visit and I am running out time. I may not visit them this weekend. I had a couple of other teams come into the running in Kentucky and Oregon State, but I think I am still just going to stay at home.

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

PJ: Oklahoma stands at the top right now with the opportunity that I have seen and what they have to offer me. USC is in a close race and Arizona is also in the picture. I expect to talk or see coaches from all three teams this week and that will help me make my final decision. I hope to have a final decision next week.

JH: Have you ranked the teams in any particular order?

PJ: I don't want to rank teams, but let's put it this way, Oklahoma is pretty much at the top and then USC and Arizona.

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