Kansas City receiver waiting for OU's offer

Kansas City, Mo. wide receiver D.J. Hord update.

D.J. Hord, WR, 6'2, 195, 4.39, KANSAS CITY (ROCKHURST HS), MISSOURI:

JH: How good is Rockhurst going to be this year?

DJ: "We are pretty good. We have a good solid game and our passing game is getting better. Our defense is pretty solid as well."

JH: Rockhurst has the reputation of being one of the top programs in the country, so is there a lot of pressure to win at there?

DJ: "A little bit. If you don't make it to the state finals it is a disappointment. Last year we went 8-3, but didn't go far in the playoffs and that was a great disappointment to everybody. You do have some history that you have to play up to, but that is OK with me because we all want to be great players and a great team."

JH: I know you are fast, but just how fast are you and are you football fast as well?

DJ: "My fastest hand time in the 100-meters was 10.33. It fastest time on laser time was 10.65. I can maintain my speed in pads. It feels like I am running just as fast because nobody is catching me and I can catch everybody."

JH: Do you want to run track in college?

DJ: "It is not a priority. If I did I would do it after my freshman year. I would try to go out for outdoor season after football, but right now I am not leaning towards wanting to do that. I am going to college to be a football player."

JH: How did your summer go?

DJ: "My summer was about relaxing. My mom wanted me to enjoy just one of my summers before I get out of high school. I just played basketball, worked out, caught some passes and hung out with my friends and family. I didn't go to any camps this summer, and that was by design."

JH: Are you just playing wide receiver?

DJ: "Yes. They are playing me at wide receiver and I will do a little kickoff return."

JH: Last time that I talked to you weren't you coming to Oklahoma for that weekend? Did you make it to Oklahoma?

DJ: "I was planning to come down on that weekend, but I was talking to Coach (Darrell) Wyatt and he told me that Coach (Bob) Stoops wasn't going to be there so the trip kind of fell out. He didn't want me to come and not get a chance to meet Coach Stoops. So, we decided to hold it off and try to visit or come to a game during their season."

JH: Since that time OU has offered you haven't they?

DJ: "The rumor is that they have, but I haven't received anything confirming that. I would like for them to offer me, but I can't say they will until I receive something from them."

JH: How is recruiting going?

DJ: "I am just trying to get ready for our big game on Friday (Blue Springs/state champs last year and winner over Rockhurst twice). I want to have a top seven to 10 early in the season, then I want to get it down to three or four before I start taking visits. I am considering Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missouri and LSU just to name a few. Tennessee hasn't offered me yet, but they send me mail all the time."

JH: Do you have a leader?

DJ: "No, I don't have a leader at this time."

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