Top sophomore still high on Oklahoma

Princeton, N.J. defensive back Myron Rolle update.


JH: You have grown so much since the last time I talked to following your sophomore year. Are you still a corner or are you now a safety or a linebacker?

MR: "That is sort of up in the air right now. Some colleges are recruiting me at corner and some at safety. I play right now where it is best for my high school team, and that is at safety. When it gets to the point that I am worrying about recruiting, then I will worry about where I am going to play in college. I think it is good that I have those kind of options, and that can't be a negative for me."

JH: Did you attend a number of camps this summer and if so how did you do at those camps?

MR: "I went to the NIKE camp at Penn State. I went to the Elite Combine at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the Miami Football Camp and then Michigan Football Camp. At the Miami camp, I earned overall camp MVP. did pretty well against Jessie Hester at that camp. At Penn State camp, I did really well as well. I think only one receiver caught one pass to me. I was runner-up for MVP at that camp, but at that camp I was put on the NIKE All-American camp team. There were a number of good athletes at that camp and that is when I perform my best — is when I am going up against the best competition in the country.

"At the Elite Combine at the Meadowlands, that was the first camp that I went to and I got to match-up against Derrick Williams. The first time I went against him he beat me, but the next two passes I stopped him from making the catch. There were about 80 coaches at that camp and I think I showed out at that camp as well. At Michigan, it was more of an instructional type camp. I worked with Coach Ron English, who is the DB coach at Michigan and I took about 10 drills back from that camp that I am still doing today."

JH: Are you playing both ways?

MR: "I am playing tailback as well as strong safety. I like playing on offense, but not as much as playing on defense. I have played on offense for a long time, but I think on defense is where I will make my mark. I think I fit better on defense in the college game."

JH: You attended the OU Football camp when you were going into your sophomore year. The Sooners offered you at that camp, becoming the first team to offer you a scholarship. Many days have passed since that camp, do you still have good thoughts about Oklahoma?

MR: "Yes, I like Oklahoma a great deal. They have a great school and they have a lot of great things going on with their program. I talk to Coach Stoops quite often. I just got a chance to talk to Coach (Bo) Pelini recently and found out how he likes to play in the secondary, what he is looking for at the various positions and what he expects in the secondary. I have also talked to Roy Williams and he was a nice guy, very humble, but he had so many great things about Oklahoma that you can tell that he loved his time there very much.

"Oklahoma has a special place in my heart. I am going to say that I have any favorites because it is much too early to talk about that, but Oklahoma is a very special school for me and one that I have good thoughts about."

JH: Since you are several months away from officially being recruited by colleges, what do you and Coach Stoops talk about?

MR: "We talk about football. We talk about how the team is going right now or we talk about if anything is going on in my life. We talk about me and about my family, or personal life or anything about school. He is a real easy guy to talk to and real down to earth."

JH: What other schools besides Oklahoma do you have an interest in?

MR: "I have 22 offers right now and a lot of schools are recruiting me hard. They are constantly calling my coaches to request tape and everything, and that if flattering. The schools that have stuck out in my recruiting is Miami, Michigan, Florida, Iowa, Notre Dame and Rutgers. It is real early in the process and they understand that and I understand that. A lot of things could happen. It is a very difficult process and I just want to make sure I have all the information that I need to make the best decision for me."

JH: So, let's talk about whether you will be a cornerback or safety again. If you keep pumping iron, you are going to be a middle linebacker. Just kidding, but since you are covering all these great receivers at camps it looks like you could still be a corner in college if you wanted to be?

MR: "I feel that I could play cornerback in college. I still feel that I have good hips and my cover skills are very good. As far as my size and how much I am growing, I might grow into a Roy Williams type of Roy back or an outside linebacker. I just want to keep my strength and grow naturally. If I grow out of a corner positions that will just be the way it is, and the college coaches will find the best place for me. The college coaches will find the best way to take advantage of my abilities."

JH: Are you coming to another Oklahoma game this season?

MR: "I am going to try. I looked at the schedules and they don't seem to cooperate. We play our games on Saturday and so does OU. We are going to try because I would like to get back down there."

JH: What were your stats last year?

MR: "On offense I finished with 1,038 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns on just 153 carries. On defense, I had 102 tackles at strong safety. I played mostly for run support. I didn't finish with any interceptions because nobody would throw my way. Hopefully, that will change this year."

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