White ready for new season

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talked about the Sooner offense and Saturday's season opener with Bowling Green at Tuesday's press conference.

On what problems Bowling Green's defense could pose on Saturday
"They've got a lot of talent on their defense. And not only do they have talent, they play extremely hard. They run a lot of basic coverages, but they play it well. You can tell they're well-coached. They're always where their assignment are supposed to be. It's a tough challenge for the first game. As hard as they play and as well as they coach, it's going to be a great challenge for us."

On his improved mobility
"I think the biggest thing is I lost a little weight over the summer. It's not that I was actually trying to lose weight, but that fact that I could run with the rest of the team. I didn't have to take days off to heal up a little bit. So, last summer I got to run everyday and do everything everybody else did. This year, the biggest difference is I can actually run on boot plays and sprint-outs and move around the pocket a little better than I did last year."

On how the offense will change from last year
"The offense hasn't changed much. We've put a lot more emphasis this camp on the run game, and it's come a long way since camp started. There's a few more different passes in there, but it hasn't changed a whole bunch."

On his reaction to talk this summer that there's a 'blueprint' to stop OU's offense
"I don't have a reaction. There's not any mastermind that figures out any certain offense. It's just a matter of who executes well."

On not being mentioned as a contender for the Heisman Trophy Award in several magazines after winning it last season
"It doesn't bother me. That was last year. Last year at this time you guys would've laughed at me if I would've said something about the Heisman. It doesn't bother me at all. I'd much rather have a Big 12 Championship and a National Championship."

On if he's motivated to win another Heisman
"That's stuff you guys vote on. You can't set a goal to win a Heisman. You set your goals high for your team, not individual awards."

On if he took the offensive line out to dinner after winning the Heisman like he did after every game
"Well, winning the Heisman doesn't pay you anything (laughs). I'm going to take the offensive line out again every Thursday. The offers still up for them."

On the competition at running back making the offense stronger
"Just by all the running backs having to go hard everyday, they know they could lose their job in one day. So, day-in and day-out they're working hard. You can really tell throughout practice that all of them want to play, so that betters them and betters our offense."

On how having three capable running backs will help him and the offense this season
"Like the saying is ... the more the merrier. We've got a lot of tailbacks that are capable of playing. It's just a matter of who is going to step up and play. It's going to help out not only with our run game, but with our pass game. The more running you do the more they're going to have to stop the run, so it opens up the pass game."

On the emergence of freshman running back D.J. Wolfe
"D.J. works extremely hard. He came in early as a freshman. He wanted to learn and he wanted to play. You could really tell throughout camp this year that he wanted to play, because he was in the meeting rooms, he was learning the plays, he was learning the protections. He wasn't just running the ball hard. He knows there's more to the game than just running the ball hard. He knows there's protections. He's knows which routes to run and thing's like that. His all-around game has improved.

"What I've been impressed with is the way he catches the ball. He's got great hands for a running back. He can catch just about anything, and he sees the field well. He knows where to go, not only with his run plays but with his pass plays. He's in the right spot and the soft spot of the defense."

On if he's seen enough of Adrian Peterson to know how good he can be
"I don't think anybody's seen exactly what Adrian is capable of doing. And I don't think you're going to get to until he plays in a game. Until then, it's not in my interest to make that judgment."

On Mark Clayton's development into an All-American
"Mark's came a long ways since he first arrived. I think the biggest thing is he started off on the scout team just like a lot of players do. He wasn't really the kind of guy that just came in and played right away. Mark's come a long way since the scout team. I think he learned a lot being on the scout team. Not only the speed of the game, but he learned about running routes the correct way. Every since then, it's been history for him. Over the summer he's continued to improve. I'm excited to have him back."

On the other things Clayton does to help the team
"There's a lot of people that don't realize how much he has to block down field, how much he has to take on people that are twice his size. He's a fighter. He continues to do that he doesn't gripe about it all. If he gets clobbered on one play, he's back up and ready to go on the next and laughing about it on Monday. Mark's a fierce competitor, and a guy you love to have on your team."

On Tommy Grady's development
"I think his work ethic came a long way. I think he's realized he has a chance to play. A lot of young kids, when they come into college that first year, they think that they're going to redshirt and lay back a little bit. This year, he's kinda on edge. He wants to learn, and he's doing well so far. He's made huge strides since last year and came a long way in the spring. Tommy's going to be a great player."

On how redshirting will effect Paul Thompson mentally
"I think Paul is very strong mentally in that aspect. I think he can deal with just about anything. Paul's a great athlete, and that comes with great athletes — you've got to be tough mentally. He'll be just fine. And he never knows, he could have to step up and play. I think he's going to be ready and keep himself ready, and that's going to keep his mind straight."

On Jammal Brown
"Jammal's a great player. He's definitely a guy when you look at him you want him on your team. Jammal's improved from last year. He blocks hard, and with his work ethic this summer you can really tell he came a long way, not only mentally but physically. He's a lot stronger than he was last year and he's trimmed up a little bit. So far through camp and the first week of practice, he's done all the assignments and done great."

On if they have any extra desire to get on the field and let everyone know Oklahoma's back after how last season ended
"It's a new season and everybody's anxious to get on the field and play. And everybody wants to play well in the first game, because you work so hard throughout the offseason that the payoff is playing well the first game."

"The last two games motivated us throughout the offseason. A lot of players learned from those two games and have become better players from it. I think everybody's excited just to get back out on the field."

On what will make them forget about last year
"I think starting a whole new season will wash everything from last year. Not only the two losses, but also the 12 wins. You tend to forget about the past when you start playing a new season.

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