RECRUITING: OU still in on nations' top DT?

Pennslyvania defensive tackle Callahan Bright update.

Callahan Bright, DT, 6-2, 315, 4.9, BRYN MAWR (HARRITON HS), PENNSYLVANIA:

JH: How did your summer go?

CB: "It went OK. I went to a couple of combines and worked out a lot this past summer. I am still 6-3 and I weigh about 310 pounds. That is why I wanted to weigh coming into this season. I am still benching around 400 and now I am able to squat 725. I went to the East Rutherford Combine and did real well there. I also went to the NIKE at West Virginia and did OK there as well."

JH: Have you played yet this season?

CB: "No, we don't even start school until tomorrow. We play our first game this Friday against Stilton High. We think we are going to be OK. We just have to fine-tune a couple of things, but we should be fine."

JH: How does it feel to be rated the No. 1 defensive tackle in the country?

CB: "I feel good, but I can't
let it get to my head. I know that I have to still workout, and I still have to practice very hard. I have to still go to work because that really doesn't mean anything."

JH: Do your family and friends talk about it?

CB: "Everybody talks about it quite a bi
t. I think all my friends and family are excited about it."

JH: Do you enjoy playing defensive tackle or would you like to line up at defensive end?

CB: Yes, I really enjoy playing defensive tackle."

JH: Have you started to narrow your choices down yet?

CB: "Not yet. I am still considering everybody. I am still pretty wide open."

JH: Have you set up any visits at this time?

CB: "No, I haven't set any visits yet. I think I will wait until we get a little more into the season."

JH: What schools are you interested in?

CB: "I have a lot of offers. LSU, Miami, Florida State, Miami, USC and Oklahoma are a few of many that I am still considering. I am not sure who I am going to visit yet and who are going to be among my top five. I am going to sit down with my coach and my family and go over the top programs and what they have to offer academically and what not."

JH: Is Oklahoma still in the running for your signature?

CB: "All the schools are pretty much equal right now. So, yes they are still in the running. But everybody is still in the running right."

JH: Did you hear from a lot of college coaches last week?

CB: "Not really, but my cell phone broke and I had to get a new one. I don't have that phone yet, so a lot of coaches can't get in touch with me. I am either working, at practice or hanging out with my friends."

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