RECRUITING: Catching up with Eric Huggins

Conway, S.C. wide receiver Eric Huggins update.

Eric Huggins, WR, 6-3, 190, 4.5, CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA:

JH: How is the season going for the Conway Tigers?

EH: "We are doing pretty good this year. We are 2-0 and our entire team is stepping up. You take me for instance, they are doubling and triple-teaming me and that is freeing up my teammates to make big plays. Our other wide receivers are guys that are good enough to get college scholarships just like I did. They are playing for those scholarships and making big plays all over the field. We have a lot of guys that can make big plays for us."

JH: Are teams trying trick defenses against you?

EH: "They double me and they talk junk to me, which is really frustrating. They can't cover me by themselves, but they are still talking junk to me. If I go out and make a good play or do something right, I can shut them up. But if I don't make a good play they start talking trash to me saying, 'hey, you are going to Oklahoma man, you aren't that good,' and stuff like that. I know they aren't covering me by themselves and when they double me they are losing the game, because our other receivers and players are making them pay."

JH: Who are the other wide receivers that you keep talking about?

EH: "Jessie McCray and C.J. Palmer are both good enough to earn college scholarships at wide receiver. Jessie is a senior and is 6-3. He is a very good athlete. C.J. is 6-1 and 175, and also a good athlete. Both of them can run really well and they are very good receivers."

JH: How good is Conway going to be this year?

EH: "I think we are going to do real well. We are playing with a lot of confidence and playing hard on every single play. I think we have a real good team, and I think we are going to go a long way in the playoffs."

JH: Despite the fact that you are committed to OU have other schools still tried to call you and recruit you?

EH: "I talked to Clemson, but my brother answered all my other calls and told those coaches that I didn't want to talk to them. Of course, I heard from Oklahoma and that is the only school that I want to talk to each week. Clemson was real nice to me and didn't try to talk me out of my commitment, but they told me that if I did want to change my mind or felt that I need to that they would have a scholarship for me. That is a good feeling in a strange way, because I am glad other schools like me, but I really don't want to hear from them. I am a Sooner and just want to hear from Oklahoma."

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