RECRUITING: Reynolds talks about official visit

Las Vegas, Nev. five-star linebacker Ryan Reynolds said, 'Oklahoma just feels right to me' after visiting Norman last weekend. Will he take his final two scheduled visits or could a commitment be in the near future?

Ryan Reynolds, LB, 6-2, 220, 406 LAS VEGAS (BISHOP GORMAN HS), NEVEDA:

JH: What did you think of your official visit to Norman?

RR: "I loved it. It was great. I loved everything about it. I have gone to Oklahoma four times now and I feel so comfortable there. It is beginning to feel like a second home. Oklahoma just feels right to me. I already know my way around and the team already treats me like a teammate. I love Coach Venables. Oklahoma just seems so right to me."

JH: You have been to Oklahoma several times, so was your official visit any different than your unofficial visits?

RR: "I guess the difference was a little more one-on-one time with Coach Venables, but outside of that the official visit wasn't much different than what I went through on my unofficial visits. I did get to hang out with the players a little bit more on the official visit."

JH: You are very high on Coach Venables, what is about him that you like so well?

RR: "He is just real easy to talk to, and I just know that he can definitely get me to that next level of player. He is so easy to talk to, but I know he definitely knows what he is talking about. He makes me feel real comfortable there and he makes me feel like I fit in."

JH: Did you get to deal with the fans much at the game?

RR: "I got to hang out with Curtis Lofton a little bit. He plays middle linebacker or will play middle linebacker at OU. I loved the atmosphere at an OU game. I went to the Oklahoma State game last year, so I had experienced it before. It is hard to beat the atmosphere at a Sooner football. I didn't get a chance to talk to any of the OU fans. However, many of the fans did holler at me to pick OU or to go to OU. I had a chance to take quite a few pictures with Curtis Lofton for fans."

JH: Are you and Curtis not going to play the same position?

RR: "He plays middle linebacker and I play outside."

JH: Can you give us an idea what you and Curtis were talking about? Was he trying to convince you to come to OU?

RR: "He has already committed to OU and he was saying that he needed a roommate. He was talking a little bit about that."

JH: Now that you have visited OU, what do you think of the Sooners?

RR: "I feel the same. Oklahoma is still at the top. Everything went real well during the visit."

JH: Did you come close to committing on your visit?

RR: "We talked a little bit about it, but I have two other visits to take to Florida and LSU that I have promised that I would take. I want to play out the season and then take those visits. I won't wait until signing day to make a decision, but I want to take care of what I promised to do and then take it from there."

JH: Has your high school season started yet?

RR: "We had to forfeit our first game, so we haven't played yet. Last year in the playoffs we lost by a field goal and then when we were shaking hands they started talking too much and we ended up in a fight. So, both teams had to forfeit their first game."

JH: Are you playing on offense at all?

RR: "Yes, I am playing fullback. I get to carry the ball a little bit."

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