RECRUITING: Louisiana safety anxious to see Norman

Alexandria, La. safety Nick Harris update.

Nick Harris, ATH, 6-3, 210, 4.6, ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA:

JH: How is your season going?

NH: "My season is going great. We are 1-0 on the year and I played great in the game. I had to play with a 101 temperature, but I had 12 tackles, two pass break-ups and a punt return of 61 yards for a touchdown. Then my coach took me out because I was sick and he didn't want me to get hurt."

JH: What position did you play in the game?

NH: "I played free safety and wide out, but I didn't play on offense much because I was so sick. We won 56-12, so they really didn't need me."

JH: Will it fell good to finally take some visits?

NH: "Yes, it will."

JH: The last time we talked you did not have a visit set with OU, but now you are visiting them early?

NH: "I am anxious to see the Sooners. I am anxious to meet the coaches and I am anxious to see the players. I have been wanting to see the Sooners for a long time, so why wait. There is no reason why to wait any longer."

JH: What are looking for in your visit?

NH: "I am going to be looking at how the coaching staff works on the field and with their players. I am going to watch how they coach a game and how they coach their players. I want to evaluate what kind of family atmosphere they have and how the fans get behind their team."

JH: Family life is very important to you in choosing a program isn't it?

NH: "Yes, I want to see how the program is run and how the players and coaches work as a family in that program."

JH: The football aspect of the program doesn't seem to be a high priority for you?

NH: "I talk football every day. t is going to be there in the atmosphere of the game. I talk football every day, so I know OU can play football. I am more interested in a number of other things than just what is going on with their football team."

JH: Have you set all your visits?

NH: "I am going to visit LSU (11-20), Texas A&M (9-18 ) , Nebraska (11-26) and Michigan (10-20). I have no favorites."

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