RECRUITING: Maualuga ready for trip to Norman

Eureka, Calif. linebacker Rey Maualuga update.

Rey Maualuga, LB, 6-2, 235, 4.5, EUREKA, CALIFORNIA:

JH: You are visiting OU this weekend. Will it be your second visit?

RM: "This will be my second. I went to Nebraska two weeks ago."

JH: What did you think of your visit to Nebraska?

RM: "It went good. It was a great experience. I met some players and some coaches."

JH: Does it matter whether a program is trying to rebuild or whether it is already established or not as one of the elite teams in the country?

RM: "That doesn't really mean anything to me. I would love to go to a winning program. On the other hand, Nebraska has everything that I am looking for in a college and they have a great tradition. I had a great time there and I felt comfortable at Nebraska. They have everything that it takes to get back on top."

JH: What are some of the things that you will be looking for when you travel to Norman?

RM: "I will be looking at the surroundings and the environments so I can get a feel how I might fit in there. I look forward to meeting the players and the coaches to get an idea of who I will be playing with and playing for. I want to see if I can feel comfortable at OU."

JH: After Oklahoma what school is next on your visit plans?

RM: "I will be going to Notre Dame in about three weeks."

JH: When do you hope to make your decision?

RM: "I hope to make my decision before Christmas, but if I don't have all the information that I need or I just can't make the decision, then I wont' make it then because I will still have time to make the right decision for me."

JH: How is your season going?

RM: "Our season is going well, but we got off to a slow start and we are 0-1. We lost our first game 33-13 and just didn't play very well. I played pretty well and we stooped the running game, but they beat us with the passing game. I finished with 11 tackles and four tackles for loss in the game. We just need to put that game behind us and move on to the next one."

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