Stoops Practice Quotes

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops talked with the media after Monday's practice.

OU Head Football Coach Bob Stoops and his Sooners are ranked No. 2 in the country behind top-ranked Southern California. The Sooners began preparations for a talented Oregon team today, and Coach Stoops met with the media following practice.

MEDIA: What is causing the breakdowns in the Sooner secondary?

STOOPS: "They will get better as they go. I always say that safeties and backers have the most to understand and think about. It is a process where they will keep growing in. I am sure they will get better."

MEDIA: As far as the alignment issues is it the offenses that you are playing where they have guys moving right up to the snap?

STOOPS: "Yeah, that's was it is a little bit. Last week was just very unorthodox and that was pretty obvious to everybody. That only happened a few times, but a few times is too many for us. It is not unlike any other year that we have been here. Early on there is a little bit of that, but it is not a big issue."

MEDIA: Can you get a good read on how your offense is doing because you are playing teams with such strange offenses?

STOOPS: "Yeah, somewhat. But some of the spread stuff we will see from everybody. So, we can say that to a certain point."

MEDIA: Is Oregon a little more conventional?

STOOPS: "They are a little more conventional, but they will still give you a lot of formations and all. They are pretty conventional and certainly moreso than the first two teams that we have played."

MEDIA: Have you been pleased with your special teams thus far this season?

STOOPS: "It is early so we are not getting ahead of ourselves. You are only as good as your last game, and last game it was pretty good. However, we watch it and we see some things that we have to get better at. Vut overall, the guys are working hard at it. I think we have a lot of personnel to use on them to."

MEDIA: Have you ever been around a team with this much talent, with these many different home run weapons on offense?

STOOPS: "Yeah, my first year at Florida. I lined up against in spring ball for the first time and tried to stop a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Fred Taylor at tailback, Jacquez Green in the slot, Reidell Anthony and Ike Hilliard split wide. That wasn't fun. That was a very talented team."

MEDIA: Does this team compare favorably to that team?

STOOPS: "Yeah, sure. It is early yet, but there is a lot to that. We have a lot of guys that can make big plays and run after the catch. Our running game has gotten stronger. So yeah, definitely."

MEDIA: Then you also have the special team guys like Antonio Perkins, JeJuan Rankins and Mark Bradley to add to your offensive guys?

STOOPS: "There are a lot of guys who are definitely capable, but again it is early and we have to keep doing it."

MEDIA: Do you want to get the ball to Mark Bradley more or is it just one of those things that you just can't do that."

STOOPS: "Well, there are a lot of guys that we say we have to get the ball to him more. You just named a bunch of them. Those that saw JeJuan (Rankins) on his kick-off return are saying that we have to get to the ball to JeJuan more. But we only play with one ball. We don't worry about one guy getting all the balls. We really feel the best ability that we have is to spread the field with a bunch of them and try to make them cover them all. And hopefully, they will struggle to figure out who they are covering."

MEDIA: So nobody actually starts to talk about stats?

STOOPS: "When you start to worry about that or figuring that out, then sometimes you handicap yourself by not letting the quarterback go through his reads and give him a bunch of options."

MEDIA: Would you say that coaches that watch film of you know they can't afford to double team Mark Clayton?

STOOPS: "We hope not. We try to always have multiple options on each play.

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