RECRUITING: Clapp ready to compete with Runnels

Phoenix, Ariz. fullback Matt Clapp update.


JH: How did your official visit go to OU?

MC: "I thought it was awesome. I was totally amazed about everything at OU. Going from the camp to the trip was two different things. On the official visit, I got to mingle with the fans and hang with the team. I saw that the team is like one big family and that football is very important to the fans of the team. I really enjoyed getting to know the coaching staff a little bit better and talking with Coach (Bob) Stoops. OU has a first-class program and it is a great feeling to be a part of it."

JH: Since you had committed much earlier, what were you looking to get out of your official visit?

MC: "I just wanted to witness the whole atmosphere and watch how the coaches deal with the players. After the game was over I wanted to go out and see the town, and that was fun. When I was at the camp I got to see most of the college, so I wanted to get into the academic part of it more. I wanted to find out more about what makes the football program tick. I had a truly great time and I really enjoyed myself."

JH: Did you watch J.D. Runnels much in the game?

MC: "I thought he was great player and a very tough player. That is the position that I want to play, but I know that he is a guy that is going to be there next year as well. I look forward to competing with him next year."

JH: Have you become a fan of the Sooners? Did you root for them during the game?

MC: "Yeah I did. I rooted for them the whole way. It is so much different to watch a game in person than on TV. That atmosphere was fantastic."

JH: How is your season going thus far?

MC: "It is going well. We are ranked No. 2 in the state right now. We are 2-0 and off to a good start. I am having a good season rushing for 230 yards in the past two games, and I have three touchdowns. I am also playing linebacker on defense. I am doing well over there with 14 solo tackles and one assisted.

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