White: It's going to be a challenge for us

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talked about Oregon's defense, his newfound mobility and much, much more during his weekly press conference Tuesday in Norman. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

On if the players might overlook Oregon after their loss to Indiana
"No, not at all. Just the program that Oregon's had in the past and the players they have this year. Plus, people didn't see all the turnovers they had in the game. That was a big key in the loss. Even with all the turnovers they about came back and won. They're going to improve from last week and they're going to be better. It's going to be challenge for us."

On what he's seen on film of Oregon's secondary
"From the tape I've watched they give you a lot of different coverages. They mix it up pretty good and they're sound in what they do. They cover their spots. It's definitely going to be a good challenge for the receivers and us."

On the Oregon-Indiana score not being a good indicator of how good the Ducks really are
"Any Saturday anybody can win. Starting off the game you've got a fair chance, so it's not really surprising. There was a lot of big upsets this weekend anybody can win at any time. It's just like us, we knew that you can't be down on a Saturday and not play your best game."

On his mobility
"Confidence-wise it's better than it was last year. It's definitely better for me knowing that if I have to get out of the pocket I might be able to. Lass year I was kind of a sitting duck. If I saw someone coming I'd either get rid of the ball or just take it (sack). It's definitely a better feeling for me, and I think it will help our offensive line out. If certain plays break down, maybe I'll be able to get out of the pocket."

On if he'd rather throw on the run or in the pocket
"It really doesn't make a difference. There's a lot of things to throwing on the run, as far as squaring your shoulders down field. Setting in the pocket is a lot easier."

On if his newfound mobility will make him want to get out of the pocket quicker
"Trust me. I'm going to stay in the pocket as long as I can. I think that there's times when you have to scramble and maybe just everybody is covered and you don't have a rush. But maybe everybody is covered, which is very rare with our receivers. Sometimes there's just times that you have to scramble and make a play. Other times, when you have a rush you have to get out of the pocket. But I'd much rather sit in the pocket and throw."

On what happens last year on the play where he scrambled behind the line and found Clayton near the goal line
"More than likely I would've thrown it away or try to run and probably get sacked."

On having multiple playmakers to get the ball to on offense
"It definitely makes my job easier having big playmakers on that side of the ball. I'm a lucky guy. You can throw a 5-yard hitch route and it turns into a 90-yard touchdown. Any time you have big play capability on the team it's always good for the quarterback."

On what Mark Clayton has added to his game this season
"I think the main thing he really worked on that I've seen this year is his down field blocking. It's been awesome so far this year. When you watch on film on Monday's you see Mark blocking down field 20 yards and there's nobody even close to him. He's doing his job. He realizes that if he does his job down field someone could break out, and he doesn't want his guy to make the tackle. Mark's become a better player just from a year of experience and knowing certain defenses and through film study. He's become a great player."

On Clayton's understanding of the offense
"Mark can probably call plays in the huddle if he wanted. Mark understands the offense. He's very comfortable with the offense and it shows. He always knows where the spots are on the defense. He not only understands the offense, he understands the schemes of the defense. If he sees a two-deep safety he knows where the holes are and he's going to go there. It makes my job pretty easy."

On finding Clayton more than other receivers
"You guys think that we have a connection somehow, but Mark's just a great player. He's always in the right spot. I think Mark could play quarterback. He reads defenses just like a quarterback would at receiver. I think that's what makes him so good, is the fact that when he comes to the line he sees what they're in and he takes advantage of it."

On if he could play receiver "Uh, no (laughs)."

On what they tried to improve on offensively this week
"Trying to improve on everything. Each week you've got to get better at everything you do — run game, pass game, everything. Each week you learn from your mistakes and you improve on that."

On what they'd like to like to work on before conference play begins
"I think you just kinda take it one game at a time. Each game you want to improve on things you didn't do so well the first game. I think from the first game we improved on things that we didn't do well, as far as turnovers. So, that's what we'll look to do and improve this week."

On the maturing process of the young running backs
"I think you see it more in practice than anything. From the first two games, I know both of them learned a lot about hanging onto the ball. I think they realized that things are a little bit faster than high school and the hits are a lot harder. I think they also realize that it takes a lot more time, not only on the practice field, but in the film room watching film and knowing what's going on, than just going out and playing."

On OU's success on trick plays
"They call the plays and they see when things are going to work. A lot of the trick plays will come in at random times when I'm not expecting it, and obviously the defense isn't expecting it either. They've done a great job with them. They're always fun. Just to see the razzle-dazzle is always great. You practice them all week and you wonder if it's going to work. Then when it does work you're just kind of in awe."

On if they practice trick plays every week
"Yeah, we've always got certain plays and we practice them throughout the week. We don't spend a lot of time with it, but sometimes we don't even use them."

On how much he watches the other Heisman candidates
"I don't watch it at all. Through the summer I developed a relationship with a few of the other quarterbacks in college. I keep up with them just because we call each other and what not. But other than that, I don't really care. That win-loss column is what counts."

On him turning down the opportunity to pose with Matt Leinart on the cover of Sports Illustrated
"If you knew me very well, that's just not me. I'm not one to have all the hype about something that was last year. That's last year, it's over with. It's in the past. I've got the rest of my life to look back on that. This year is a totally different year. I just go out and play my game, have fun with and enjoy my last year of college football."

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