RECRUITING: Blalock talks about Texas trip

Two visits down, two to go for Plano, Texas offenisve lineman Justin Blalock


JH: How did your visit go at Texas this weekend?

"It went really well, I had a real nice time. I got to know a lot more about the support staff, especially academically. I also got to hang out with some of the players and get to know them a little bit. The players were like a big family. They weren't trying to impress one another, they seemed to really care for one another."

JH You have now been on visits with Larry Dibbles on the last two trips, are you guys becoming pretty good friends?

"We have really hit it off and we have become pretty good friends. We have competed in track against each other and we have always enjoyed each other's company. We were at OU together last weekend and then Texas this past weekend. We haven't talked about playing together, but that would be something that would be great if it happens."

JH: How is recruiting stacking up at this point?

"I am just trying to get through finals, really. I still have some visits to take. I have been very lucky to visit two great schools in Oklahoma and Texas and they both have something different to offer. Both are still very much in the picture at this time and I still like both schools."

JH: You mentioned that OU and Texas are different, but in what ways?

"To me if you went to Oklahoma it's the only show in town. It's the main show, the main event. They also have a whole lot of tradition with the seven national championships. They are both established, but I think Texas is a team more on the rise, while I think of Oklahoma as an established team that is already there. Oklahoma's depth situation is such that they are recruiting players in the offensive line that can come in and play right away, while at Texas their situation is such that I would have to go in and scratch and claw just to make the traveling squad."

JH: What is next in recruiting for you?

"I am kicking back for the holiday's and then I visit Florida (1-11), Nebraska (1-25)."

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