HOOPS RECRUITING: America's top prospect visits OU

Norko, Calif. guard Erika Arriaran update.


JH: How did your visit go to Oklahoma this past weekend?

EA: "It was really nice. I really liked it a lot."

JH: What was it that you liked best about Oklahoma?

EA: "The best thing about it was the people as everybody was so friendly. I told you that before when I went there a couple of years ago to camp that everybody was nice, and it was the same thing this time."

JH: What was the key thing that you went into the weekend hoping to see at Oklahoma?

EA: "My No. 1 goal was to get to know the team chemistry between the girls. Just being around them and starting to get to know them was important to me. I need to be friends with my teammates to be able to play with a them, and they have already made me their friend and a part of the team. The basketball part of it will take care of itself, but the personality of the team and how everybody gets along is more important than anything else. The team chemistry of the team is the most important thing, and OU has great team chemistry."

JH: Now that you have visited Oklahoma, where do they stand in your recruiting?

EA: "I don't know what to think about that. After I visit Texas (9-24) I think I am going to know what I want to do. Those two are still my top two schools."

JH: Did your visit to Oklahoma enhance your thoughts on the Sooners?

EA: "Everything I thought about Oklahoma when I went there was confirmed when I went there. They are great people within a great program. I still feel the same way about them."

JH: Are Oklahoma and Texas such different type of programs that you have two totally different programs to choose from?

EA: "I think everything, as far as being in a college town, going to a big school and playing on a good team are the same. The only difference is coaching style between the two schools. Coach (Sherri) Coale is more of a people coach, and I think Coach (Jody) Conrad is more the business type of coach. I have played for both styles of coaches and I have loved both styles. This is just going to come down to which program and which style of coaching that I want to spend my next four years with."

JH: You said before the visit that you want to go to a school that was on the verge of being a national title contender. Did you get that feeling that OU was close?

EA: "Yeah, I got that feeling that OU is very close. That is why OU has always been one of my favorite schools because they are so close to being a National Champion."

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