Gundy has plenty of backs to choose from

Oklahoma Running Backs Coach Cale talks about the status of his group heading into the off-week. Through three games this season, freshman running back Adrian Peterson (pictured above) ranks 10th in the nation with an average of 133.3 yards per game. (AP Photo/Jerry Laizure)

At this point, Oklahoma running back coach Cale Gundy is sitting in a position of luxury. Coach Gundy works with seven outstanding running backs every day and he has an emerging superstar in Adrian Peterson to coach for the next three years.

The OU running game is becoming a major force and Coach Gundy sat down with for the latest installment of the Two Minute Drill.

JH: The Oregon game once again proved what kind of great depth that you have at running back. Adrian Peterson rushed for a career-high and Donta Hic came off the bench and scored on a 25-yard touchdown run. That is now four tailbacks who have contributed to help you win games. Is that what you envisioned at the beginning of the year?

CG: "Well, that is something that we always talk about, not only as a position, but as a team as a whole. You never know when somebody is going to be needed. You always have to be prepared, and that is why you always have to be focused and ready to play. I just felt real comfortable with the situation when Kejuan went down because Donta has been here for a long time. And the way he has played in the game in the past gave me a good feeling about putting him out in certain situations. He went out and played well."

JH: Why did you use Hickson instead of D.J. Wolfe in the game?

CG: "It was based on what they did in certain situations. Donta got more work during the week against those sets. So, when those certain situations came up and AD needed a blow, I went with Donta because he had practiced more against those sets. It wasn't like D.J. couldn't have handled them, but I felt really good about Donta because of his experience while he was out there."

JH: Once again, Donta showed that if he gets his hands on the football that he can score?

CG: "He is a good player and he has been a good player for us. It just goes back talking about this team, as everybody has a role and they don't always know when they are going to be called upon. We went to him immediately and he responded well and played a great game for us."

JH: What is Kejuan's status for Texas Tech?

CG: "Oh, I don't know. Kejuan is as tough as anybody out here. I have said that many times if I ever had to go to war and I had to be in a fox hole with somebody, I would want that person to be Kejuan. He is a guy that if the trainers and doctors say two weeks, then it will be maybe four days. We will just have to wait and see, but I know he won't be out to long."

JH: If Kejuan can't go would AD get his first start?

CG: "I don't know. That is something that we would talk over as a staff. I would say that he probably would, but it doesn't really matter because he will get his reps in the game anyway."

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