RECRUITING: Juco LB says it's a "done deal&q

The latest on the decision of San Francisco junior college all-american linebacker Lance Mitchell


JH: Did you commit to Florida today and if so why?

"I am excited about playing in the Southeastern Conference. I just like the conference more than any other conference. If you look at Florida's schedule you will see they have some real tough teams coming up on their schedule."

JH: What is your opportunity at Florida?

"Some other coaches tell me that I can't start at Florida, but I don't think that is true. I love competition and I want to go there and prove myself. If I didn't feel I could play there then I would not go there, but I feel real comfortable about going there and playing right away."

JH: Was it tough telling Oklahoma about your decision?

"It was real tough telling Oklahoma that I wasn't going to school there. It was tough telling Coach Venables, who has been a great guy through the whole recruiting process."

JH: You could argue that the SEC is not better than the Big 12, so why is playing in the SEC so important to you?

"The Big 12 is a great conference, but I just decided to go play in the SEC. If I look at the Big 12 they probably have one of the toughest conferences in the country with Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado and Texas A&M. I just want to go down South to play football. I believe that great football is played down South. If I thought everything was equal I would go to Oklahoma. Coach Venables has a Butkus candidate every year and he does a great job, but I just want to go play in the SEC."

JH: So, you are saying that the programs are equal, but the opportunity to play down South is the main factor in your decision?

"I still feel playing in the Southeastern Conference gives me all the opportunities that I am looking for."

JH: Didn't you waver on your decision between Florida and Oklahoma all day Tuesday?

"Yes, I thought long and hard about Oklahoma all day and several times I thought about going there instead. Last night I was all set to go to Florida, but today many times I thought I was going to Oklahoma, but in the end I just feel I have more opportunities in the SEC than I would in the Big 12.

JH Are you still thinking things over some or is this a done deal?

"Yes, this is a done deal."

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