Sooners still lead for LB after Florida visit?

Five-star linebacker Ryan Reynolds talks about his visit to Florida and where the Sooners stand on his list.

Ryan Reynolds, LB, 6-2, 220, 4.65, LAS VEGAS (BISHOP GORMAN HS), NEVEDA:

JH: How is your season going?

RR: "We are 2-1 right now. We lost to a tough California team (Colton High School) but now we get ready for conference."

JH: How are you playing right now?

RR: "I am playing pretty well. Last game I had a little bit of a down game because I rolled my ankle. I had my trainer tape it up so that I wouldn't feel it, but it affected my play."

JH: How was your visit to Florida?

RR: "It was alright. We had to take off early Saturday night, so I didn't get a chance to hang out with any of the players. We had to beat the hurricane before it hit so we had to drive to Atlanta to get a flight out. We got a chance to enjoy the game, but we didn't get to much time one-on-one with the coaches. It was still an OK trip. I just wish we could have done everything that we would have been able to do if the weather was better."

JH: Now that you have visited Florida, how does your recruiting shape up?

RR: "Oklahoma is still my lead. I just have one more trip to take and that is to LSU (10-30) and then I am going to make my decision."

JH: Have you decided to go ahead and try to make your decision before your season is over?

RR: "It really all depends on a lot of factors. After our visit to LSU I will sit down with my parents and we will decide what school is the perfect fit for me."

JH: Have you been able to watch the OU games in Las Vegas?

RR: "My dad has three big screen televisions set up so we have every game in the country go at once. We are always watching Oklahoma every chance we get. We have the ESPN College Game Day Ticket, so we haven't missed an Oklahoma game yet. They had a buy weekend this weekend so it worked out."

JH: Can you watch a game without analyzing the linebackers. Or do you just enjoy the game?

RR: "Sometimes I can, but for the most part I am watching the linebackers and looking for techniques and trying to see what they are doing. I especially look at the linebacker drops and watch how they get back in pass coverage."

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