RECRUITING: Williams trying to make it to Norman

Greenbelt, Maryland athlete Derrick Williams talks about his visit to Florida and the status of his scheduled visit to Norman this weekend.

Derrick Williams, WR, 6-0, 193, 4.4, GREENBELT (ELEANOR ROOSEVELT HS), MARYLAND:

JH: I noticed that you had a tough game last time out?

DW: "We played one of our rival schools who are a good team. We fell off in the second half from the first half when I had 315 total yards and three touchdowns. I rolled my ankle in the second and all I could do was hand-off in the second half. Now, we are now 2-2 on the year."

JH: I understand you are stuck in Gainesville, Fla. because of the hurricane. What is it like to be involved with a hurricane?

DW: "It was kind of cool. The wind was kind of cool. I know this sounds weird, but it was a little fun. I realize it is not fun for the people that live here. I wanted to step outside and check it out, but I was scared that I would fly away. A lot of trees are down around here and the electricity in our hotel room went off. We have just been sitting in our room because we aren't supposed to be around the coaches any more after 48 hours. We have just been waiting to get a break in the weather so that we can fly out of here. It has cleared up pretty much in Gainesville and we should be able to get out tomorrow morning."

JH: Besides the hurricane. how was your visit to Florida?

DW: "It has been a great visit. The staff for Florida was great to visit with. The people around here were very good. These schools, with which I narrowed my choice down to, are expected to have this kind of atmosphere. It is just going to come down to who I feel comfortable with."

JH: What did you think of Florida's offense and how you might fit into that offense?

DW: "I felt I could fit in with the Florida offense. They have an open offense that gives you and opportunity to get one-on-one with defensive backs. They play four to five defensive backs at a time, and because it is an open offense I feel I could do some good things about of it."

JH: Is Oklahoma your next visit?

DW: "We have set my visit to Oklahoma for October 13. I want to make that visit, but that will depend on whether my parents can afford to go on that visit with me. I want my parents to go on all my visits with me and we need to save money to get that done. If they can get the money together for that visit that quickly then we will visit Oklahoma on that date."

JH: Have you set your final three visits?

DW: "I am going to take my remaining visits either to Ohio State, Florida State, Texas, Penn State or Tennessee. I haven't decided what I am going to do with my final three visits yet."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

DW: "They are very strong with me. They are a winning program and they graduate six wide receivers, and that could open a spot for me early. I am looking for that kind of opportunity and Oklahoma is very strong with me right now."

JH: Did you hang out with Ryan Reynolds any? And if so, what did you guys talk about?

DW: "We hooked up. Both of us were down here together. That was the first time that we had a chance to meet. We just talked about this recruiting trip and that was it."

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