Stoops fills vacant coaching position

Stoops hires Northwestern's Kevin Wilson and names Chuck Long as the new offensive coordinator

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops announced Wednesday afternoon that Northwestern Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach Kevin Wilson will fill the vacant coaching position left by Mark Mangino's departure to become the head coach at Kansas.

Wilson will serve as the Sooners' offensive line coach and run game coordinator, while OU quarterback coach and passing game coordinator Chuck Long will take over the full-time duties as OU's offensive coordinator.

"Kevin Wilson is a guy that has been the offensive coordinator/assistant head coach coach at Northwestern for the last several years," said Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops. "They've worked in an open offense but still have been able to run the ball extremely well. Kevin has worked with the offensive line for a number of years as well as with the quarterbacks."

"I thought it was a very good fit and am excited to have him joining our staff. I believe he'll continue to help us evolve and work our offense."

A 1984 graduate of North Carolina, Kevin Wilson is in his third season as NU's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. In the spring of 2001, he was named the assistant head coach of the Wildcats by Randy Walker.

Last year, Wilson oversaw the implementation of a similar spread offensive scheme as OU's that set 25 school records that shattered the previous marks for total yards (5,615) and points (441). As a result, Wilson was a finalist for the Frank Broyles Award, which was given to the very person he replaces in Mark Mangino.

"We're not going to ever scrap and wholesale change what we're doing with all the time we've invested in our players in developing an offensive attack that has been effective for us, and has been successful for us," said Stoops. "But like everybody you want to continue to change, stay ahead of the curve and push to improve. All of our offensive staff, along with Kevin, will continue to gel that way and hopefully help us improve."

"Kevin brings a wealth of experience as an offensive line coach and especially with the run game. That's one aspect coach Stoops wanted to address, and we did on offense as well," said new Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long on hiring Wilson. "Here is a guy that is well-versed in the run game that would fit our spread offense. And he's been a part of the spread offense at Northwestern and has done very well in the run game there. I believe it's going to fit very well."

Long, who is in his second year on the Oklahoma staff, is excited about the opportunity to take over as the Sooners' offensive coordinator.

"It's a great challenge for me. Having been part of this staff and this offense the last couple of years, and based on my past with a lot of the different systems that I've been in, we feel we're going in the right direction," said Long.

"We have a great offensive staff and we work together very well. I'll keep it open as much as Coach Mangino did. I think that's good when everybody is involved, there's a lot of energy that way."

"There is four or five in there at our staff meetings that are working through our offense with suggestions and improvements," said Stoops. "Chuck will take it from here and I'm sure he'll do well with it."

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