White breaks down Texas Tech's D

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talked about Texas Tech's defense, OU's improved offense and Adrian Peterson during Tuesday's media luncheon in Norman. (AP Photo/Jerry Laizure)

Below are excerpts from Oklahoma quarterback Jason White's press conference at the Sooners' weekly press luncheon Tuesday in Norman. White talks about Saturday's matchup with Texas Tech, the improved offense and freshman running back Adrian Peterson.

On Texas Tech's defense being better than the past
"In the past they've always been a team that scores a lot of points. Their defense this year, as you seen from Saturday, they shut Kansas out in the second half. So, they're doing something right in that area. They've got a lot of returning guys back on defense and just another year in that system down there that they've learned a lot. It's going to be a better team this year than it was last year."

On facing defenses that constantly blitz like Texas Tech's
"When you beat it you like it. Last year they blitzed us quite a bit and this year they've shown a lot of blitz on tape. So, you get receivers one-on-one outside when they blitz and I'll take our receivers any day one-on-one. It's always good to have guys on an island, but this year they've played a lot of coverage too. It's a little different scheme than they had last year."

On the possibility of Tech changing their defensive scheme because of his increased mobility
"I don't think so. I think they'll probably play just about the same thing they did to us last year. Last year their defense played a great game against us. If it wasn't for some turnovers on our defensive side that took us down inside the 10, I think three times, it would be a close game."

On his impressions when he first met Mike Leach
"Coach Leach was a great coach to play for. He really set you down and made you understand what he was trying to do. The things that I remember about Coach Leach was that he'd tell off-the-wall stories at any given time. He's just a great guy to talk to. With the things he put's in and the way he makes you understand it, it's a great offense to play in."

On Tech's high-scoring offense putting more pressure on OU's offense to score on every possession
"Any team we play we want to score every time we get the ball — at least a field goal or get some kind of points out of it. Any time you start a drive you want to finish it with points, so I don't think it's any more pressure than other teams for us to score."

On the offense not letting up because of Tech's comeback ability
"The team always knows there's no let-up. They've always got the capability of coming back and making it a game. If we have the opportunity you've just got to keep going and keep scoring points."

On what aspects makes this year's offense better than last year's
"I just think it's the overall team. It starts up front with the offensive line — the way they're blocking this year, the way they're picking up blitzes and giving me time to to throw. The backs and receivers — the way they're catching the ball. Not every ball's on target. Most of them the run and get, so you've got to give credit to them."

On the role of the play-action pass in the offense
"It's helped out quite a bit. Any time you can actually see the safeties come down and bite on the run and you've got something over the top, you know it's working. With that effect, it's helped out quite a bit."

On the team being upbeat coming off the bye week
"Yeah, I think you see a lot different changes when you start the Big 12 conference. The guys are a little more motivated. They know this is where it starts to reach our goals. But I think the biggest thing you see is more focus on the practice field, more focus in the film room."

On OU's success on third downs
"We really worked on that hard in the spring and throughout the summer. And in two-a-days that's one thing we really worked on is — third and short, third and long, third and medium. I think the biggest key has to be that we're in a lot more third and shorts and third and mediums than third and longs than anything. It's a lot easier to pick up six or seven, than pick up 13 or 14 on third down. Just staying in front of the chains has really helped out so far."

On if he's had to remind any of the younger players to not look past Texas Tech to Texas
"Coach Stoops does a great job with that. One game at time, and we know that. We learned from last year the biggest thing is just one game at a time. This week we've got Texas Tech, and all of our focus is on Texas Tech this week."

On his increased mobility changing his mindset in the pocket when the blitz is coming
"Not really. Last year it was kind of a get rid of the ball type deal if they blitz. And it's the same this year. If they're going to bring everybody that means everybody is one-on-one. If you get rid of the ball you could have a big play. If it happens that nobody's open and you have to run, that's when you decide to run. You don't go in thinking if they're going to blitz you're going to scramble. You stay with your reads and go about how you play."

On Adrian Peterson's first three games and possible impact during Big 12 play
"I think Adrian came along way the first three games, as far as just learning the offense. Each game he kind of learned a little bit more about just playing in game, but now coming into the Big 12 it's a whole different story. This is what our goals are about, and the Big 12 conference is a lot tougher than non-conference."

On Peterson giving the offense a different feel with his breakaway ability
"Don't start just with the back, I think the offensive line has really worked hard in the offseason on the run game and run blocking. The backs and receivers - the same. We want to make it work this year. I don't think it's just one back because Kejuan came in this year and is running just as hard as anybody."

On if he'd rather win the Heisman or beat Texas this year
"What do you think my answer's going to be (laughs)? I think I'd much rather beat Texas."

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