RECRUITING: Florida DE schedules visit

The latest on Miami, Florida defensive end Kareem Brown


JH: I know you have been trying to get those test scores back so you can start taking visits, how is that coming?

"Yes, I tried to get my score backs yesterday, but I didn't get them. I thought I could call them and get the scores over the phone, but I couldn't get through. I am going to wait until Thursday, right before I leave for California for the California/Florida football game and try again. I feel real positive about the test. I am going to pass that test."

JH: You have played football all year, so are you a little worried about how you will play in the game against players that have been playing all year?

"I have been practicing with some of my coaches, testing for endurance and strength. I have been lifting weights and working on some drills to get my technique. I am not worried about not playing all year. I have been playing football my whole life and it's going to come back to me. Maybe the first couple of plays will be tough on me, but after that I am going to be fine."

JH: How is recruiting going?
"I am talking to Miami, LSU (1-11), Oklahoma, Florida (1-1 and Michigan State. Those are the schools I will visit in January. I don't have a leader and I really feel I need to take my visits, because I like all the schools."

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand in all of this?

"I spoke to Jackie Shipp on several occasions. He came to my house and spoke to my mom and she liked what he had to say. There is a possibility with everyone. It is no big deal for me to leave the state."

JH: Which school gives you the best opportunity to play early?

"Pretty much all of them. If what Coach Shipp is telling me is true then I have a great situation there. At Florida, they have two defensive end's leaving and some are hurt. At LSU, they have upper classmen and at Miami they have all juniors at defensive end."

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