BASKETBALL RECRUITING: Bookout still undecided

The latest on Stroud, Oklahoma power forward Kevin Bookout

KEVIN BOOKOUT, 6-9, Power Forward, Stroud, OK:

JH: Why did you decide to not sign during the early period?

"I prayed about it and the Lord just told me I wasn't ready yet. I just don't think I was ready yet. I want to be 100 percent sure when I sign."

JH: Is it true almost signed with Oklahoma?

"I got kind of close."

JH: Is there a chance that you might just focus on your track and field career in college rather than Basketball?

"Maybe a little bit, but right now I still plan on playing college basketball."

JH: How has recruiting gone since signing day passed?

"Everything's really slowed down. Not too much has been going on lately. Nothing has changed, really. It's still OU and OSU. I haven't really talked to OSU in a while. I've just been talking to OU a little bit."

JH: Let's say you decide to focus on track. How would you be able to make a living as a track athlete?

"A lot of the money you make is off endorsements and they pay so much for going to the their meet, and they pay you so much for winning. But that at all starts when you make the Olympics.

JH: If you were too play both sports in college, would one be a detriment to the other because of the different training regiments required per sport? Are would one help the other?

"All the bounding you do in basketball really helps you with the shot and disc. All the running and physical workouts really fits in well too."

JH: Have you followed OU this season, and if so what do you think about the team?

"I really do think they they're playing pretty good. I really like the kids and they can run."

H: How is your high school season going so far?

"We're ranked number one in the state and I'm averaging 28 points per game."

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