Dibbles says OU and Texas are "neck-and-neck

The latest on Lancaster, Texas defensive lineman Larry Dibbles a week after returning from his visit to Texas


JH: How did you like your visit to Texas?

"It was my best visit so far. I liked the Texas visit a lot and I would rate it above the Oklahoma visit. The environment was fun and I felt like I would fit right in. I got to watch practice and I like how that went. They present their program very well. They are very convincing. It was an overall good environment. For a while it was business-like and then we went out and had fun, and you can't beat both worlds."

JH: After visiting Texas how would you say your recruiting is shaping up?

"I would list Texas and Oklahoma as my leaders. I don't have a leader and those two are neck-and-neck."

JH: According to Rivals they said that you are a 90 percent lean to Texas, is that true?

"I don't even talk to Jeremy Crabtree, so how can he say that?"

JH: Is this just an OU-Texas race or will other schools get involved?

"Others will probably get involved, but I still think it is going to come down to Oklahoma and Texas. I am still thinking about Florida State, Texas A&M, Colorado and Tennessee to just name a few."

JH: Just talk in general about the Oklahoma and Texas programs?

"Oklahoma has a very good football program and so does Texas. They both have pretty good engineering programs. Both are not to far from home, but they are just far enough that I can say that I am away from home.

I feel like I would have the same opportunity to play at both schools. Just looking through all the recruiting I feel I would have an equal opportunity at both schools so that I would get at least 35 to 40 snaps a game. The bottom line is that if I go out and play well I will get the opportunity to play."

JH: If at one school you have a better possibility to play early because of the numbers, will that have a big impact on your decision?

"What it basically coms down to is what is the best decision for Larry Dibbles and that is not always football. I am still looking at both schools very hard and I am going to try to make a decision as soon as possible and I don't really know when I will feel comfortable enough to make that decision."

JH: Is this going to be a tough decision for you?

"I don't know if it is or not. It is as tough I guess as making a decision who you are going to get married to. I am going to be very careful with my decision."

JH: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"Please tell everyone in Oklahoma Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

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