Brown: You have to give OU credit for being great

Texas Head Coach Mack Brown talked about Saturday's Red River Shootout and the Sooners' four-game winning streak at his weekly press conference Monday in Austin. (AP Photo/Harry Cabluck)

Below are quotes from Texas Head Coach Mack Brown's weekly press conference Monday in Austin.

On the OU game
"We are constantly asked if this is a big game. Obviously it is. The difference for OU and us now is that every game before this one is a big game and every game after this is a big game. Because we are at a stage now where you can't afford to lose a game, because of college football. We are all trying to win the national championship. When you look at it, is it a must-win? Yes, every game we play is a must win game. I'm really proud that at The University of Texas, every game is a must win game. It wasn't that way when we got here. It was try to have a winning season and try to get to a bowl game."

On the OU-Texas Rivalry
"There is difference with OU and why it's special. Keith Moreland says there's nothing like running out of that tunnel. It's not a home game for either team; it's played at a neutral site. The Florida-Georgia game is the only other game like this each year. It's two border states playing against each other. We are playing in the Cotton Bowl. They pretty much just keep the Cotton Bowl open for this game. There is a Golden Hat. How many games at mid-season do they give a trophy for? There are pep rallies, golf tournaments and parades. This will be the 99th meeting of the two teams, it started in 1900. So when you look at the game, those things make it special, not to mention it's a conference game. It's fun for the fans, the media and coaches and players. This game separates kids in recruiting. A lot of kids come to Texas and OU to play in this game."

On how big the game has become
"The thing that has changed in the six years since we've been here and the five years that Bob has been at Oklahoma is that the game now has national implications. The first two years everyone was saying just throw out the record books. Usually that means you are not very good. Three of the last four years we've been in the top five. Oklahoma has been in the top five all four years. It's talked about by everyone in the nation this week; it's the game of the week."

On the four-game losing streak
"The last four years, you talk about the streak and why we've lost; it's really on me. The players change, I'm the constant. I have been at every game and I just haven't done my job. You have to give OU credit for being great. Two of the four games we were in it in the fourth quarter and they made plays to win, and the other two years we played poorly. It usually comes down to turnovers and kicking game, and we haven't run the ball well. If you talk to our players it's not about them, it's me, I'm the one who hasn't done well in this game. We've done well in all the other games, so this is obviously something that I need to do a better job of this week.

"Our team has been physical; they've played really consistent. They've gotten after the teams, and they are a team that expects to win. If you look at this game, it's two good teams, who are running the ball well. They've got a Heisman trophy winner at quarterback who's Chris Simms age. He's seen a lot of different looks. They are still great on defense. We are improving on defense. We are not there yet. We've still got question marks on trying to get to the passer. We've got to do a better job with our pass protection. I like the fact that we are running the ball and improving the passing game. I think the most important thing is that this is a great challenge for us this week, but what a great opportunity, and our guys and coaches know that."


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