RECRUITING: English going both ways

Canadian, Texas DE and OU commit Auston English update.

Auston English, DE, 6-3, 220, CANADIAN, TEXAS:

JH: How is your season going?

AE: "We are 5-0 right now and 1-0 in district. We are ranked 5th in the state in Class 2A."

JH: How are you playing?

AE: "I started off to a good year and I am trying to help the team in any way I can by making plays. I think I have rushed for a little over 500 yards in four games. I didn't play last week because of a strained hamstring. I am just trying to heal that thing up. I got a little time to do that because we have not played any pressing teams at this point."

JH: How do you like playing on defense?

AE: "I start both ways as I also start at defensive end. I like it a lot because I like defense and that is where I want to play. I definitely like getting into the mix of things on defense and the fact that I can really get after somebody."

JH: Have you been up to any games recently?

AE: "I have been to the Houston and Texas Tech game this past week. I love it up there. It is fun to go up there and listen to the crowd roar. They stand for the whole game and scream for their team. They don't leave either. Even in the Houston game, which was a blowout, they stayed in the stadium and don't leave. They are always cheering for their team."

JH: Are you going to the OU/Texas game?

AE: "Yeah, I wouldn't miss the game for the world."

JH: You will be playing defensive end at OU, so how do you like playing on defense?

AE: "I played a little defense last year and toward the end of the season. I was a starter both ways. This year, as a senior, I started out going both ways. I try to make the biggest impact I can on our team."

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