Two Minute Drill: Brodney Pool

Junior safety Brodney Pool talks about his big game vs. Tech and Saturday's matchup with Texas.

NORMAN — OU Junior safety Brodney Pool earned Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week honors after picking off two passes against Texas Tech. Pool spoke with following Monday's workout for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Congratulations on being named the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week.

BP: "Thank you very much, but I am not worried about that game anymore. I am trying to get myself prepared for this game mentally. I am going to try to have a better game this week."

JH: I told you in the postgame that you had a good game. It seems like your instincts are great in every game, so where do they come from?

BP: "I am just blessed man. I just go out and read the plays, and then I react. Football is just fun and I have fun playing it."

JH: You have been playing teams that primarily throw the ball, but now you will play a team in Texas that will try to run the ball against. Are you looking forward to that?

BP: "I just have to be ready to get to the box and tackle a lot. I think I am ready for that. Last game I really didn't go into that game with the mindset to tackle at the line of scrimmage, but I still did a pretty good job of it. I hope to build off of that this week."

JH: You have played against Cedric Benson a lot in your career, what do you think about him?

BP: "He is a gifted athlete and he runs hard. He is hard to take down, so we have to be prepared to tackle him."

JH: How does Vincent Young presents other problems for you than a normal drop back quarterback would?

BP: "He is a gifted athlete too that can run around and cause trouble. Anytime a quarterback can run around like that it can cause trouble because he can find open receivers down field."

JH: As a team, you always seem so level-headed about this game. But somewhere, deep down in your gut, do you feel like this is a special game for you?

BP: "I have always realized that this is a special game, and I realize all the things that we can build off of if we do win this game. When we play a great team like Texas we have to make sure that we are ready to play. Anytime we play a great team like that we have to enjoy going out to compete, and we do enjoy that in this game."

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