RECRUITING: Carl Albert star gets his wish

Midwest City (Carl Albert) superstar J.D. Runnels accepts offer to play for Oklahoma


JH: When OU finally offered you what did you think?

JD: I was so happy, because I had waited on them so long. I just felt relieved, because OU is such a great power and they are so close to my home. If I could go to OU it would be such a great opportunity and my family could see me play. I was incredibly happy when OU offered me a scholarship.

JH: Was playing at OU what you have always wanted to do?

JD: I wouldn't say it was a lifelong dream, but I realized what kind of opportunity it would be for me if I could play football at OU. This is just great in that I get the opportunity that I was looking for.

JH: For a long time it didn't look like OU was going to offer you, what do you think turned them around?

JD: Our state semi-final game against Tulsa Booker T. Washington. I had a great game and I had three offers after that game from Oklahoma State, Kansas and then Oklahoma was the last school to offer me off that game. That game was one of those games where I couldn't do anything wrong. I think I really showed I could move for a bigger guy pretty well. I was playing safety in that game and tight end. I caught three passes for 70 and one touchdown (52) and on defense I had 14 tackles and one interception.

JH: Your high school coach Gary Rose went to bat for you didn't he?

JD: Yes he did. After he moved me to free safety that helped me a lot. He took some film up to them on the Booker T Washington game right before they offered me and he went to bat for me. He attended their practice and then had a long conversation about me. I appreciate everything that he did for me.

JH: I think one of the key's to your getting this opportunity is that you said you would love to play h-back or fullback in the offense?

JD: Yeah I did and I don't mind, and didn't mind. I think that would be fun in their offense considering what they are trying to do. I look forward to playing in front of Quentin Griffin, Renaldo Works and KeJuan Jones, and those type of guys. That is really going to be fun.

JH: I bet your family is really happy for you?

JD: I know they are and that is really what I wanted to do. I hated to let Texas A&M know that I wasn't coming to their school, but my family and friends knew that I wanted to play for Oklahoma and that is what I get the opportunity to do.

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