White talks Texas

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talks about Saturday's Red River Shootout matchup with Texas. White completed 17 of 21 passes for 290 yards and four touchdown passes against the Longhorns last season.

Senior quarterback Jason White talked about Saturday's matchup with Texas during Tuesday's press conference.

On Texas' defense
"This year, from what I've seen so far, they run a little more zone than they have in the past. They still run quite a bit of man to man, but I think the biggest thing is how athletic they are on defense. They're always athletic, but this year they have a lot of older guys and leaders of the team on defense. They've got a new coordinator, so there's a lot of different schemes that go along with it."

On how much they play zone compared to man to man
"I think they mix it up quite a bit. The defensive coordinator does a great job of disguising and mixing it up just to kind of throw the offense off balance."

On his feelings about finally playing his last OU-Texas game
"Actually, I only played in two of them. I've been there quite a bit. I only played in two (laughs). Not really thinking about it's the last one. For a lot of guys on the team it's their last one too. I don't think you're going to get any more than those guys than they're best, knowing it's their last one."

On how they temper their enthusiasm during OU-Texas week
"I think we all know that you're all going to be excited on Saturday. Throughout the week if you prepare well you're going to be excited. The more you know before the game, as far as knowing your assignments and what you have to do, the more excited you're going to be and the quicker to react to think about what you're supposed to do. I think everybody will be more excited on Saturday than any time throughout the week."

On the first thing he sees when he comes out of the tunnel at the Cotton Bowl
"The different colors. I think the biggest thing is you've got orange on one side and red on the other. That's kind of weird. You don't see that until you go to the Cotton Bowl."

On how the amount of intensity on the field is different from other Big 12 games
"I think once you actually get on the field and play it's just another football game. It brings out the best in both teams. Both teams are wanting to win, and you're going to get your best shot from both teams. I think once everything is said and done and the kick-off starts, it's just another football game."

On the first thing they'll look to do on offense
"Establish our plan, whether it's run or pass or both. We've got to be physical up front and be physical for four quarters, not just for one or two. You've got to make sure you're physical for four quarters and keep playing hard."

On Texas linebacker Derrick Johnson
"Derrick's a great player. I think you have to know where he's at each time you come to the line. He does a great job in his pass coverage. He covers his receivers well. You kind of have to be aware of where he's at and what he's doing."

On OU having a psychological edge on Texas
"No, not at all. Last year, the year before, each year is a different team. Texas is a different team. We're a different team each year. You can go out and win or lose any given Saturday."

On going into the OU-Texas game knowing they're going to win
"You've got to keep attitude throughout the week. You can't say, 'Dang, what if we lose'. You've got to have a winning attitude throughout the week, and that's just going to help your preparation for the game. If you prepare well throughout the week you're going to be more confident."

On it being easier to be confident having beaten Texas four straight years
"I don't think it matters. One year you can win by seven points and the next year you can win by 20 points. Each team's different each year. I think the biggest thing is how you prepare."

On going down the ramp at halftime the same time as Texas
"It's exciting. As a quarterback, I stay to the back and stay away from all of it. There's a lot of talking going on between the teams, especially if you happen to come out at the same time. It's one of the most exciting atmospheres to be in — in the tunnel. Nobody actually sees that part where you've got Texas on this side and OU on this side. It's exciting. I can't really describe it."

On if there is more talking between the two teams than in other games
"Not really. There's not any more talking in that game than there is in any other game. Both teams know to keep their mouths shut and play hard. That's stressed by both coaches."

On if he's not as nervous playing in the game now
"As a team, I think we are. We're a lot older this year — more seniors, more leaders and a lot more experience on the team. I think the more big games we play in the calmer we get."

On if it is more like a road game with the crowd being split
"No, not really. It seems like a big game. It starts off by the first of the week the way you prepare throughout the week. You see a lot more focus, a lot more attention to certain things. It starts out there and goes into Saturday. We all know it's a big game, and it's a big game to completing our goals. We're going to be ready to play."

On the difference between a big game week and a regular week
"Every game in the Big 12 is going to be a big game for you. Last week was a big week for us. It was the start of the Big 12 conference against a good Texas Tech team. We prepared hard throughout that week the same way we're doing this week."

On how OU's gameplan will be different than in previous games this season
"Overall, the gameplan will be different than it was last year just because we're a different offense this year. I think Coach Long and coaches will have a great gameplan for us as they have in the past. We'll just execute our gameplan and take what they give us."

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