RECRUITING: Miller says he can help OU next year

Killeen, Texas defensive tackle Roy Miller talks about his experience at OU-Texas and if he's now completely sold on the Sooners.

Roy Miller, DT, 6-2, 295, 4.7, KILLEEN (SHOEMAKER HS), TX:

JH: What did you think of the OU/Texas game?

RM: "It was great to be there. I got to sit by some recruits and some of my future teammates. I got to sit by Curtis Lofton, Manuel Johnson and Ben Baressi. It was fun watching Adrian Peterson run all over the field. It was a fun time at the game. I really enjoyed my ride to the game. I got a chance to meet up with Tommie Harris and we got to hang out a little bit. Tommie and I are very good friends and it was great to hang out with him a little bit."

JH: How much does this game alone influence your decision, if at all?

RM: "It is a reason, but not the main reason. There are a lot of things that I like about OU, and one is their great tradition and their tradition of playing freshman like Adrian Peterson. Coach Stoops and his staff will give freshman an opportunity. That has always impressed me."

JH: Many people still feel you are waffling a little bit between OU and Texas. Is that true or are you a solid commitment to OU?

RM: "I am definitely solid to OU now. When I visited UT I needed to give UT a solid look. I needed to make sure that OU was for me because when I sign I need to make sure my decision is solid. OU is my choice and I don't see any other school that can get in their way. This is an important decision for me and I hope people understand that I am just making sure that I am making the perfect decision for me."

JH: I am sure you know that OU has quality players at defensive tackle, but not a lot of depth. Since you know that OU will play freshmen I would guess that you are looking forward to that opportunity?

RM: "Most definitely. I am thinking about that. I am definitely going to get a lot stronger after the season and when I get to OU. I am going to try to lose 10 pounds and add muscle and get prepared to start or at least get into the rotation and play early. I am going to prepare myself the best way that I can so that I can come up there and focus and get into great shape. The depth situation at defensive tackle is definitely a good thing for me. I know, against the run, I can help them as soon as I get there."

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