RECRUITING: OSU commit takes in OU-Texas

Duncanville, Texas free safety Gremon Coffman update.

Gremon Coffman, FS, 6-2, 195, 4.45, DUNCANVILLE, TEXAS:

JH: What did you think of the OU/Texas game?

GC: "Man, that was a wild game. It was good showing. Even though OU dominated the game, it was still a great game. The fans were great and the atmosphere was intense. What Adrian Peterson did was fantastic. I don't know if I could step in as a freshman and play with those big boys. The atmosphere was so intense."

JH: Was that the first time you had ever been at that game?

GC: "That was my first time ever. Actually, that was my first time to go to a college game period. I have been to a spring game, but never a college game. So, I go out and choose one of the most intense rivalries in college football to take in for my first game. Man, that was something."

JH: Did watching that game make you want to play in that game?

GC: "Yeah, I was talking to Jodie Richardson about that in the first half. Both of us were saying that we were wanting to get out and go play right then. It is the reason that I play football, and that is to play in games like that. I loved the fact that two good teams were battling on that field and battling so hard for their team. It is why I play football — to play in games like that."

JH: Did that game enhance the Sooners chances to sign you?

CG: "Yeah, I am still considering Oklahoma. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M are my top three colleges. I know that I can fit into all three systems, but my decision is going to come down to playing time. I know I have the ability to play at all three schools, but I have to make a decision on how much playing time I can get. I know that all three schools play freshmen, but as far as playing I want to make sure at that school that I can get to the level that I am eventually be a starter.

"Right now I run a 4.38 forty and I weigh 196. I know colleges add on 10 pounds or whatever they need, and I know they improve my speed. So, I know if they can really coach me up and I can learn the system quickly, and then I know I have the athletic ability to play. I don't want to get into a situation where I don't even get an opportunity to play as a freshman. I want to at least have that opportunity."

JH: Are you saying that it is a dead heat between all three schools?

CG: "Yes, all three schools are very close. In February, those three schools are going to be hard for me to choose from. Oklahoma State still has my verbal commitment, but Oklahoma and Texas A&M are still recruiting me and recruiting me hard. All three are telling me that I can come in and play as a freshman, so this is going to be a very tough decision."

JH: Have you set any official visits yet?

CG: "No, net yet. They are going to be in the later part of November and early December. When and where I visit will depend on what my coach wants me to do."

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