RECRUITING: Reggie Smith talks OU-Texas

Five-star Edmond, Okla. free safety prospect Reggie Smith talks about his trip to Dallas for Saturday's OU-Texas game and which college game he might travel to see this weekend.<br>

Reggie Smith, S, 6-0, 192, 4.47, EDMOND (SANTE FE HS) OK:

JH: What did you think about the OU/Texas game?

RS: "It was a defensive standoff there and then AD just went crazy. He is big, strong, powerful and fast. He is a great player."

JH: What did you think of the atmosphere of the game?

RS: "It was crazy with fans yelling back and forth. OU fans were yelling that Texas sucks and Texas fans were yelling that OU sucks. Man, I was surprised that nobody got into it."

JH: Would you like to play in big games like that?

RS: "Yeah, I think it would be great to play in big games like that."

JH: Does that game itself give the Sooners any advantage in you eventually signing with them?

RS: "No, not really. It is good to have that game, but I am not going to base my decision on just that game."

JH: How is recruiting going with you?

RS: "Not much is different. I get my few phone calls each week and try to get a feel as to what all the schools are thinking. I am trying to get some visits set up, but I haven't been able to yet. I am going to try to sneak one or two of them in before my season is over."

JH: Who are you going to visit?

RS: "I haven't yet decided on what out of state schools I will visit. I will probably just go to games at OU and OSU because I have been to so many of their games. I don't think I will visit OU officially, because they are right up the road and I can go there any time. I think I am going to be at the OSU- Texas A&M game this weekend."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

RS: "Oklahoma is a good place to go and they are always competing for a championship it seems like. The say that they feel they can get me into that rotation as a freshman. I like the sound of that."

JH: Does OU talk to you about playing a specific position?

RS: "They don't talk a position, but somewhere in that defensive backfield."

JH: Do you have a leader or a top five at this point?

RS: "I am really just trying to stay open. I want to see how things go as we get further into it. I want to keep my options open."

JH: What schools are you considering?

RS: "I am still looking at OU, OSU, Nebraska, USC, Notre Dame and Penn State.

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