RECRUITING: OU commit Kelly just wants to win

Longview, Texas receiver Malcolm Kelly update.

Malcolm Kelly, WR, 6-3, 190, 4.55, LONGVIEW, TX:

JH: Did you go to the OU/Texas game?

MK: "Yeah, I was up there. It was crazy. I had never been there before with the stadium split down the middle. I am used to going to games where you have a home team and a visiting team, but at this game it is split down the middle, and that was crazy. I have never experienced anything like that. It was a lot of fun."

JH: What did you think of the game?

MK: "It was a close and it had me worried for a little while. I thought for a second that Texas might pull it out, but Peterson showed me a real bright future at OU."

JH: Do you think that with you joining AD next year that the OU offense could really be something special?

MK: "Yeah, I think with us together on offense, as well as the other talent at OU, that we will have a great future at OU. I still have to prove that I can go up there and be a difference, and I haven't done that yet. Peterson has done that and he has done that in a big way. Next year they are going to be more worried about him than me, but I will try to be a factor. Heck, you have the best quarterback in the nation waiting in the wings in Rhett Bomar, so they will have to worry about him and AD. They won't even be thinking about me, but I will try to get them to think about me."

JH: Did the fact that OU plays in so many big games influence your decision to come to Norman?

MK: "I know that OU plays in big games, but my decision was based more on the players that I would be surrounded by. Plus, the opportunity to play for a great team with a great reward. I wanted to play in a program that was playing great football with great players and great coaches. I wanted to be in an offense where they would pass the ball and yet have balance in the run game. I know that Oklahoma plays in big games and the OU-Texas game is going to be a great game to play in, but I chose OU more for the program than for any one game."

JH: How is your season going?

MK: "It is going pretty well. I missed the first two games with an ankle injury and then we lost our quarterback during the second game of the season. We have a junior at quarterback and he is only 5-6. He can barely see over the line, but he has a strong arm. We have a good tailback and we are undefeated right now and that is what counts. They throw it to me when they need to on third down and whatever. The important thing is that we are winning."

JH: What are your stats at this point?

MK: "I have maybe 10 catches for 290 and six touchdowns."

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