Stoops recaps Texas, previews KSU

See inside for excerpts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' weekly press conference Tuesday in Norman. Stoops talks about last week's win over Texas and looks forward to Saturday's matchup at Kansas State. (Photo provided by

Below are excerpts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' weekly press conference Tuesday in Norman.

On Texas
"Really proud of our players. Proud of the way our players competed and played for four quarters in a great environment down in the Cotton Bowl playing Texas.

"Really felt there was a great, great effort in the way we played, especially defensively to shut them out and play the way we did. Proud of our assistant coaches — I thought did an excellent job with their game planning and putting players in position. Coach Venables and Pelini putting together the plan along with Coach Shipp and Wright — those guys really did a great job. And our players, for executing it, tackling well, discipline in their position on the ball really took the run game away and pressured the quarterback. Just a solid all-around performance.

"Some guys, defensively, that were special. Jonathan Jackson — Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week. I thought Lynn McGruder played as fine a game inside at a defensive tackle position that we've had play here. In a big game, (McGruder) stepped up and was really, really good. Carl Pendleton was good. Clint Ingram and also Brodney Pool are guys mentioned along with the whole defense, but those guys really stood out.

"Offensively, really proud of our players and coaches too. We really had a lot of yards, great time of possession. We kind of stalled in some areas, whether it be a turnover or situations where we started with some bad field position where we mounted some yards to change the field position but ended up not scoring. Though we didn't score a lot, I really felt we possessed the football, moved it first downs. And the way we ran it was exceptional. The offensive line, J.D. Runnels had one of his best games. Bubba Moses, all those guys up front. Vince Carter had an excellent game at the center position. We recognized them as kind of players of the along with Adrian Peterson. AD had another great, great day just making big plays and strong running the football. Any time you have 225 yards that's pretty special. And Kejuan Jones, had the only touchdown of the game, and had a lot of tough good yards. It was all-around a good, solid day."

On Kansas State
"Really looking forward to great competition going up to Kansas State. Kansas State, a team which everyone will talk about all week, that won the Big 12 Championship last year and beat us handily. We're fully aware of that. They've got excellent potential — Darren Sproles and their offense. Coach (Bill) Snyder always does an excellent job in scheming and game planning and creating space for him (Sproles). Their defense really held us down. Well, I say that, but we only had a touchdown last year. We had some yards, but only produced a touchdown. So, that's a big challenge offensively as well. We recognize it as another big game. A game that we really feel we've got to play a lot better than we did a year ago and keep building on this season if we're going to have a chance to win up there this week."

On if there's a revenge factor against Kansas State
"I don't know. I'm never much on that. I think more than anything our players understand that too. There's been a lot of people who want revenge on us or other people. Revenge doesn't do much. I think it gets down to execution, your focus, your intensity, you're respect for the other team and being prepared to play. I think what it has is they have our attention and we recognize them as a strong opponent and a team that is very capable. A team that beat us a year ago and we've got to play better. I look at more that way than revenge."

On this year's offensive line being the most physical he's had
"Probably. I would say that's safe to say. And included with tight ends and J.D. in there as well, all those guys together are doing a great job, and our wide receivers. You look out on the perimeter on a lot of the wide plays we're running those guys are making great blocks. They're part of springing some of those big plays."

On the talk of Adrian Peterson and the Heisman
"We don't get caught up in that. My only job really is to monitor his time and to make sure his focus is on winning and doing what he can to help our team and our offense execute. It's not my job to be a part of that. As time goes, all I'm going to do is, as we did with Jason, is speak on their behalf when I believe they have exceptional games. Say what they did, this is how they did it. As it goes, we're going to concentrate on winning and do what we need to do each week."

On J.D. Runnels impact in the running game
"J.D., and I say it every week and it isn't blowing smoke, is one of our best players and one of our best athletes. He makes great blocks, but he's got great hands catching the ball. He's really good with it once he has it. He's got power, he's really physical in the way he plays. He does a lot of great things for us. He gives us so much diversity in our offense as well. You see us moving him around. He's out in the flat catching, blocking, leading. He really has a great feel for the game and what we ask him to do."

On his comment that McGruder played the best game at defensive tackle of anyone at OU during his tenure
"It's comparable to any that we've had with any of our guys. Just his production, his penetration into the backfield. He made a lot of plays. And Carl (Pendleton) had an excellent game as well."

On Dan Cody playing some stand-up defensive end against Texas
"He's got that kind of athletic ability to move him around and stand him up. We're just trying to get him in different positions to rush, and primarily trying to get him in position to be on a running back in his rush lane. We had a few different blitzes designed to do that, and for the most part it was pretty successful. Dan had a lot of pressure. He was also a guy that was cited as far being one one of the players of the game. Got a lot of pressures, sacks and hit the quarterback a few times as he was throwing the ball."

On the status of Antonio Perkins
"He has that sprained medial collateral ligament. He'll be out they're saying probably three to four weeks."

On if Kansas State just executed better in last year's Big 12 Championship game
"Yeah, you know how it is. They coached better, played better than we did. That's the way it goes."

On if they'll watch film from last year's game in preparation for Saturday
"Yeah, we'll look at it and study it, of course. But we don't need to this week, we've been through it plenty. They made big plays. When you look at the first half big plays were the difference. We had some opportunities to make some of ours and didn't make them. A lot of times that's all it takes. They get a few and you don't — you're on the wrong side of it. It's been well-studied."

On what makes Darren Sproles a good running back
"He's got vision, speed, the ability to make people miss him. He does an excellent job and really understands their offense and where the hole should be. He has a way of making people miss him."

On the variables that make Bill Snyder a good coach
"Well, there are many as you watch his teams. They're always very well-prepared. They're always disciplined in how they play and smart in how they play. His teams are always physical. His teams always have a lot of determination in the way they play.

On Snyder's play-calling
"He runs plays that you feel everything he's doing he's trying to outnumber you or get you out of position to create something. They always are very innovative in how they try and run the ball."

On if he's surprised teams are still setting back and trying to stop OU's passing game with the success the running game has had early in the season
"No. As we go through the year we're going to have to throw it and throw it well. We're just in a situation at times where depending on how they play you we always want to be able to be good at both and try and hurt you with both. I think we're pretty close to doing that right now. We'll see how it unfolds through the year, if it changes at all or if we're able to continue to do both."

On Texas's gameplan to stop the pass
"Some of their structure and how they defended us were focused more on the passing game in the way they spread out and had their secondary set up, as opposed to a team that's really just in there looking to take away the run. When you rush for 301 yards you've taken advantage of what their structure was and executed it pretty well. I felt like we handled it pretty well. I think we could've been a little sharper too. We had some opportunities where we could be a little sharper, and we will be. That's not going to go away."

On how to stop Sproles vs. Cedric Benson
"Tackle him, get in the holes, be physical taking on blocks. A lot of it is the same. Their style is a little different. You still have to cancel gaps, be physical taking on blocks. And when you're in position to tackle, you've got to finish your tackles. They're just different as they approach you, and we're aware of that."

On his memory of the win over KSU in Manhattan in 2000 that got OU's season rolling
"It started rolling the week before, probably. I think our fourth quarter drives, once they narrowed the margin to seven and we go on a nice drive. Josh (Heupel) had a excellent drive and so did the offense. We went down for a field goal real late in the game, and for the most part you felt really comfortable about where you were at."

On if it helps in recruiting to have a true freshman play early like Adrian Peterson
"I would think so, but we've had a lot of freshmen that have come in right away and have played well. I think that's fairly well-known, even without Adrian and what he's done. If you're the best player and playing the most consistently, you're going to get more snaps or have a chance to start and play a lot. I think that's been established for a number of years, but it's just more talked about now. It's probably more noticeable now."

On Kansas State being a team that gambles on defense
"No, they've always been very structured and disciplined in how they play, and very good. Obviously, the way the played us a year ago they were very sound and disciplined in how they play. I think Bobby Elliott does a great job in the way they scheme and play. I think they count on that discipline and being physical and the way they play, more than they do trying to fool you with schemes, which we don't either. I think Bobby does an excellent job being structured and disciplined in how they play it."

On why Kansas State has struggled this year
"I'm not much on talking about other people. That would be something for them to answer or comment on."

On KSU quarterback Dylan Meier compared to Ell Roberson
"He hasn't had maybe the experience. Ell Roberson had been a three or four year starter for them. They're a little bit different in their styles. Roberson probably has a stronger threat of running the ball, which is different. You watch him (Meier) in the last couple of games in the second halves and he's completed a lot of good passes and has brought them from behind and given them opportunities to win. He still is a threat, and they do a nice job throwing the ball as well. He's very capable. We've got to be prepared for it."

On how much better this team can get
"We're always looking to get better and improve. Again, you get in games and not everything is just perfect. You get a tipped ball, you get a ball that is intercepted from being on the ground. That's going to stop you from scoring. Not everything goes your way all the time. You've got to win different ways. Hopefully, we keep growing and maturing and improving in everything we're doing to give yourself opportunities to win different ways. We've got a chance to improve quite a bit."

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