RECRUITING: A&M commit watches OU-Texas

Duncanville, Texas linebacker Jodie Richardson update.

Jodie Richardson, LB, 6-2, 215, 4.55, DUNCANVILLE, TEXAS:

JH: How much did you like the OU/Texas game?

JD: "I enjoyed the game a lot. It was a very exciting game."

JH: What did you think of the atmosphere surrounding the game?

JD: "You can feel the rivalry in the stands. You can tell that he OU players hate the Texas players and that the Texas players hate the OU players. You can feel the rivalry so much that it just grabs you. I like how they split the stadium, because you could tell who the fans were rooting for."

JH: Since you are a linebacker did you pay more attention to the defenses in the game?

JD: "It was a defensive game, so you couldn't help but pay attention to the defense in the game."

JH: Does the game itself give Oklahoma an edge in their recruitment of you?

JD: "Yes. A game like this for Oklahoma does appeal to me. I just like Oklahoma period. The fact that Oklahoma is Oklahoma is what I really like about the Sooners."

JH: How does your recruiting stack up at this point?

JD: "I am still committed to Texas A&M, but Oklahoma is right there with them. If I don't go to Texas A&M, I am going to go to OU."

JH: Does Oklahoma really have any chance to sign you?

JD: "Yes, anything can happen between now and signing day. I really like Texas A&M, but I like Oklahoma as well. This is a very important decision for my future."

JH: Do you regret committing so early before you had a chance to take some visits?

JD: "I am OK with it. Sometimes I wish I would have gone out and seen a couple of schools first. I can still do that, and I think I will take a couple of visits."

JH: How is your season going?

JD: "We are playing pretty well. We are 6-1 on the year and I am putting together a pretty good year. I have around 60 tackles right now and I have two interceptions. I returned one for a touchdown of 95 yards. I also have seven quarterback sacks. I am doing pretty well."

JH: Are you playing outside linebacker?

JD: "I play both outside and inside, but in college I think I am going to be an outside linebacker."

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