RECRUITING: Pennsylvania OL is high on OU

Lebanon, Pa. offensive lineman Bob Whitaker talks about his upcoming visit to Norman and where the Sooners currently stand


JH: How did your season wind up?v
"It wasn't too good. We lost in the second round of the playoffs. We were leading 28-7 and then lost it. We even led 24-14 at the half and still couldn't win. Our running back fumbled the ball a couple of times in the second half at bad spots that put us in a hole. I felt like I had a great season, except for a couple of games. I felt I dominated and really was in control out there."

JH: Did you earn any postseason honors?

"I was named First Team All-Conference, Fab 22, Terrific 22, and First Team All-State.

JH: How is recruiting going?

"I have visited Maryland and Virginia thus far and liked Virginia the best out of those schools. I go to Oklahoma on January 11th and I might commit to them. I am getting tired of taking all these visits and I have always liked them the best. I am not positive about that, but that is what I think will happen. I would say that I am 80-90 percent certain that I will commit to Oklahoma on the 11th."

JH: Why have you always liked Oklahoma?
"I visited there in late June and their facilities were great and they were adding on and building more. They are building an indoor facility and they are going to add on to their stadium. The coaches were real good guys."

JH: You also probably realize they don't have a lot of depth in the OL, right?

"Yeah, I remember watching one of their games and they had to move a guard out to right tackle. I will probably get redshirted, because I need some work in the weight room, but I certainly feel like I can help them down the road."

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