Snyder: "I think they've gotten better"

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder and several Wildcat players talk about Saturday's matchup with Oklahoma. (AP Photo/Harry Cabluck)

Below are excerpts from Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder's weekly press conference. Quotes courtesy of


On how this year's Oklahoma vs. this year's team
"I think they are every bit as good, and in many cases better than they were a year ago or at the end of the season. I think Adrian Peterson is really a tremendous dimension for their football team. It's not that their other running backs are not adept. I think there running game has been enhanced a great deal by Adrian, but also by the maturity of their offensive line. I think they have grown and it's the same people from last year and a year of experience has certainly benefited them as well. They still have the same receivers and the same quarterback, so their ability to throw the ball is enhanced even more, because they have become even more adept at the running game. I think they've gotten better."

On Jason White's reduced role in the Oklahoma offense
"I think Oklahoma has it in the right perspective and I think he does to. I think he is that kind of a young guy who says, 'whatever I can do to help our football team win.' There have been times when they have had to rely on him to do it, and he's done it. That's not necessarily the case right now. They've got a lot of ammunition so to speak, so they can do a lot of different things and he doesn't have to carry the burden of it. He's very willing to distribute the ball and play his role. His role can be dominant when it has to be and very sharing when it has to be."

On stopping Darren Sproles
"I think it's a combination of things. I think the University of Kansas played extremely well against Darren and played well against the run. I think people have been able to not put themselves at risk, particularly in the secondary. Teams have put defensive players in position to where you're not going to crease them and get the 75-yard breakout runs because they've got people in place to do that. I think we have not been as effective in doing what we need to do to protect Darren and block well for him, so it's a mixed bag."


On Oklahoma
"We feel like we can be on the same field with any team. They put pads on just like we put pads on. We having nothing to lose playing against Oklahoma. It's just like going out against anyone, you are playing to win."


On playing Oklahoma after a loss

"I think this is going to make everyone work harder, just because we are playing a great team."

On Oklahoma's defense compared to last year
"They are really still the same team. They are still playing the same people. They are only missing like three people off their defense."


On Oklahoma's offense compared to last year:
"It's just a different attack. Last year it was aerial, this year it's on the ground."

On playing Oklahoma at home
"I don't know if anything is easy going against Oklahoma. Even if we neutralize Jason White and get to Adrian Peterson, they still have so many other weapons. We just have to focus on getting three-and-outs and getting turnovers."

On Jason White
"We know Jason (White) has two bad knees and we are going to try to rattle him a little bit. We are going to try to get into his head and get some pressure on him."

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