White says Sooners remember KSU loss

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talks about Adrian Peterson's Heisman chances, the improved running game and Saturday's matchup with defending Big 12 champion Kansas State. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Below are excerpts from senior quarterback Jason White's press conference Tuesday in Norman.

On the first true road game against Kansas State
"It's a big game for us. It's another step towards our goal. It's going to be exciting. We've been there before, or I've been there before. A lot of other guys on the team haven't. It's an exciting environment there — extremely loud. We're excited to go up there and play."

On if they look at this game differently after the loss last year in the Big 12 title game
"I don't think you say revenge or whatnot. If you look at them last year, we went into the Big 12 championship (undefeated) and they'd lost a few games. They have done the same this year, but in the back of your mind you're thinking about last year and how well they played against us and how poorly we played. It's not really revenge, it's more of you better be ready to play."

On what happened last year against Kansas State
"We flat-out got beat. You can't say much about it. They played better than we did. They made plays, we didn't. There's not much to say about that game besides the fact that we just flat got beat."

On if he thought about the Kansas State loss in the offseason
"Yeah. Those are the games that you look at when you're watching film in the offseason on yourself and your team. Those are the games you watch. You can't do nothing but think about it. You can't go back and change it, you can only get better from it."

On it being difficult to call this game a 'rematch' because of the difference between OU and KSU from last year
"That's why you can't say it's a rematch (laughs)."

On what he remembers about the last time OU played in Manhattan in 2000
"First of all, it was kind of chilly (laughs). The thing I remember the most was how the offense that year was a high-scoring offense. They kept on scoring points and kept with it, and then when the game got kind of close you see the seniors step up and really take leadership on the field. Josh (Heupel) took some hits that game and he stayed cool under pressure the whole game. Regardless of how much he got hit, he was always getting rid of the ball in time. I thought he played a great game that game. That's the thing I remember most about it."

On if Kansas State's defense is down this year because they've given up more points
"No. Like I said earlier, last year they started off the same way. They came into the Big 12 Championship and played the best game they played against us and handed it to us. You don't look at them as they're down or whatnot, we look at it them as it's going to be a big game for us."

On what the running game has done for the offense
"As anybody's seen the first five games and especially the last game, the passing game wasn't working for us and the running game was. However, we got to do it to win and that is what we're going to do. You see a lot of differences from defenses – the way they approach the game to prepare for the run game now then you did last year when they just sat back and played the pass."

On Chuck Long's comments that a team can run every week if they have the right mindset
"Starting off the year it was kind of the mindset we hand and through the course of five games every week we've gotten better at it. I think now that everybody's confidence in the run game has skyrocketed since the very first game. So, with the confidence we have in the running game right now, it's only get better."

On the difference in how defenses are approaching the offense this year as opposed to last yearv "It's not dramatically different. You notice more people playing in the box then last year — bringing a safety down or the backers tighter. It's not a dramatic difference, but you notice it."

On if he's surprised teams are still trying to shut down the passing game despite the success the running game continues to have
"No. As much as we passed last year a lot teams still know that we have the pass and they're going to try to stop the pass, but eventually it's going to change. They're going to try and stop the run and we're going to have to throw."

On if he's looking forward to the game when that change happens
"Doesn't matter to me. As long as we're winning I don't care how we do it."

On the receivers having trouble getting open against Texas
"You've got to give Texas credit too. They're a better team than they were last year. Defensively, they did things different than they did last year. They play more zone than they did last year. They did a good job. But overall the pass game — it's not necessarily they took it away from us, it's that we didn't execute it. Some things were there that we didn't execute and that's something we can get better at."

On the difficulty in the red zone
"Any time the defense gets backed up in the red zone they're going to stiffen up a little bit. Either way, you have to score in the red zone. Three is great, but we want seven when we're in the red zone. The only thing that was really different is they've played a lot of zone in the red zone this year compared to last year. That was the only big difference. They did a good job of stopping the run down there."

On only scoring 12 points against Texas
"A win's a win. We all know you're going to get to celebrate the win Saturday and Sunday, but come Monday you're going to find out what you did wrong and what the team did wrong in the game. We know as an offense we that we can be much better than we were on Saturday. We can score more points. And like I said, we were in the red zone quite a bit and we didn't get any points out of it, so that's one area we can improve."

On the Heisman talk regarding Adrian Peterson
"It's been kicked around a little bit. He's well-deserving of it. For the first five games over 100 yards each game and coming off a 225 yard game, he should be up there. He should be up there with the top running backs."

On if he'd cast his vote for Peterson since he gets a vote in the Heisman race after winning it last year
"More than likely (laughs)."

On if OU should focus their Heisman campaign on him or Adrian
"Adrian (laughs)."

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