Shipp says Dampeer to get more reps against KU

OU defensive tackle coach Jackie Shipp talks about the injury status of his group and Saturday's game against former Sooner offensive line coach Mark Mangino

Sooner defensive tackle coach Jackie Shipp has become one of the best at his position. He is not only a great recruiter, but he is now regarded as one of the best technician coaches at defensive tackle in the country.

Coach Shipp has his work cut out for him this week because of injuries to starter Carl Pendleton and reserve Steven Coleman. However, you can trust Coach Shipp will find the right answers to keep the Sooner momentum going against the Kansas Jayhawks.

Following Tuesday's practice, Coach Shipp found time to talk to

JH: Because of your health issues at defensive tackle, is it more difficult to get your guys ready for the game on Saturday?

JS: "Yeah, there is more difficulty, because you are hoping that Carl is going to be there, but that is still a question mark at this time. He is not getting an opportunity to practice this week and everybody needs to practice to prepare for that upcoming opponent. Moe Dampeer is getting a lot more reps at practice and Lynn McGruder is getting plenty of reps. Remi (Ayodele) is getting a lot more reps and he will probably play some nose guard this week. So, that is going to be good for him. Steven Coleman is practicing (turf toe) and I think he will get some plays in this game. We will have a good opportunity to have at least four still. And I think against Kansas, considering what they do offensively, these guys should play. Hopefully, we can get everybody back healthy for Oklahoma State and Texas A&M."

JH: In the college game do you have to practice by a certain day to play in the game like they do in the pros?

JS: "In professional football, you have a 54-man roster and those guys are paid so much money to play. If they don't practice, but are still able to perform on Sunday, then they are going to play. That is what they do for a living and they have been doing it forever. In college, it just depends on the situation. It depends on what kind of injury it is and on your depth. It just depends on the situation for us. Hopefully, everybody will be healthy, but until they are you just have to work through it."

JH: You played Remi and Moe quite a bit on Saturday against Kansas State. How well did they play?

JS: "Moe Dampeer did a good job, he really did. Remi did a good job as well. Actually, all three of our defensive tackles played pretty well. I was really happy for Moe. You talk about a guy who hasn't practiced for the last couple of week, because he has been doing a lot of conditioning or what have you, but he got a chance to practice last week and got in 15 snaps. He did well on all 15 of them and I am real happy for him."

JH: You have to be proud of the total development of Lynn McGruder?

JS: "If you look at Lynn McGruder here is a guy who was highly recruited out of high school and he has done a good job for us since he has been here. He has had some diversity both on and off the field, but he has done well to overcome that. He has gotten better and better every year and he played with a group of guys his whole first three years here where we could alternate those guys. Those guys were very good football players. Now he is getting an opportunity to have more plays, and I think he enjoys the role of being a leader. One thing that I do like about Lynn McGruder is that he has done a great job with the young guys. He really does a great job with them and pushes them along and that type of thing. So far, he has done a real good job, and I expect him to be better as the year goes along."

JH: Do you have any Bear (Mark Mangino) stories that you can share with us?

JS: "One thing I will never forget about Bear is that the first time I met him he was eating nachos. I have never seen a man devour a plate of nachos like he did that day. He had sour cream and everything around his mouth and he as just laughing and talking and having a good time. One thing that I liked about Bear is that he is a good hearted guy and he was loyal to the people around him. We were family to Bear. We could all argue with one another and he always stood up for the people around him, but man he could devour a plate of nachos."

JH: What about the Kansas offense?

JS: "They are a good football team. Bear and his staff have done a good job with them as they have improved a great deal since the first of the season. They throw the ball a great deal, they have a good running back. They have big offensive linemen, and you know that Bear is going to try some things against us. He is going to put in some trick plays for us and they are going to throw the football. He is going to mix some things up. And knowing Bear, he is going to open up the playbook for this particular game. I think Bear probably circled this date since he left Oklahoma. And as competitive as Bear is, they are going to come and play a good football game. We have to be prepared. I know he is looking forward to it."

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