Mangino breaks down the Sooners

Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino talks about Oklahoma's offense, defense and his relationship with Bob Stoops. (Photo by Getty Images/Dave Kaup)

Below are quotes from Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino's weekly press conference on Saturdays's matchup with Oklahoma. Quotes courtesy of

On Oklahoma
"We are preparing this week to play the second-ranked team in America. We have had two very good practices this week. We continue to have good spirit on the practice field. We are looking forward to this challenge. I have told our players that the majority of them will only get one opportunity to play in Norman. So we have told them to make it a game that they can tell their kids and grandkids about."

On Oklahoma's offense
"On the offensive side of the ball, they have great schemes in the pass game. They force you to defend the entire field. They feature a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback. He comes as advertised. He's a talented young man, a great person, a real story of perseverance. Their offensive line is made up of veterans. They are very good football players. It is a good matchup for our defense, which has been playing very well. Our defense is looking forward to the challenge."

On Oklahoma's defense "They are extremely talented and well coached. Their defensive ends are phenomenal. The linebackers are solid and stout. Their secondary is a who's, who of defensive backs. They have great schemes, they can play zones or pressure you. They have a very multi-faceted defense. Our offense is up for the challenge, it has been getting better every week."

On OU running back Adrian Peterson "He gets out on the edges so quickly and he accelerates very fast. Once he gets rolling, he is so powerful that you have to wrap him up or you are not going to bring him down. If you try to throw a shoulder at him or dive at his ankles, there is no chance."

On going back to OU
"I think that when I first get there, there will be some mixed emotions. I really enjoyed my time there and my family did as well. I loved coaching there and being around those players. I have always said that the three years I spent in Norman, were probably the least complicated years of my coaching career. All I had to do was coach the offense and take care of recruiting. I am on the other side of the field now. When I left Oklahoma I experienced something I had never experienced in coaching. When I left the University of Oklahoma, OU fans would write, call or stop me on the street and thank me for my contribution."

On his relationship with Bob Stoops
"This is a long relationship that we have. It goes back to when were assistant coaches at Kansas State. We share a lot of similarities in our thinking. It has been a good friendships that I value, but it has no bearing on the game at all."

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