Miles on Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Head Coach Les Miles talked about Saturday's Bedlam matchup at his weekly press conference. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Below are excerpts from Oklahoma State Head Coach Les Miles' weekly press confernece Monday in Stillwater.

On if he's lost any sleep thinking about Oklahoma's offense "I've not slept well this fall. I think, obviously, they're tremendously talented. Great balance. Great ability to throw the football and run it. Great backs. Very, very strong players. Well-conceived options in variance to the offense. It's a great offense."

On the rivalry being overshadowed by the fact that the Big 12 South title is at stake this week
"Well, certainly the championship is why we play. As you look at you're opponent you're going to be motivated to defeat that team, and Oklahoma has plenty of motivation. When our kids turn to reviewing the team we're about to play they understand this is a fine football team."

On which part of Oklahoma's offense their defense will try and stop first
"You pick your poison and then you try to defeat that piece of it. If you can divide the field in some way and give them their least capable option in that smallest part of the field, that's the best thing to do. It's run or pass, and in this offense you have to defeat both."

On if last year's final score (52-9) still sticks in his head
"Personally, not mine. I seldom carry games from year to year. It's always the next year and the next game and this Saturday. I'm certain our players feel the same way."

On Oklahoma's football program
"They're a tremendously talent-rich, tradition-rich, well-coached program. And certainly, that inspires any team that plays them. We look forward to matching our team with there's."

On the Bedlam atmosphere in Stillwater
"Well, I think our folks will turn out. I think it will be a great time. I think it will be a grand college atmosphere. I think GameDay will add to it. It'll be fun."

On the offensive gameplan against OU
"Vernand Morency is a pretty special back. Certainly, we're going to give him the opportunity to run it. I think we'll be challenged to move the football on the ground, as we have in the past. The game's we've had the most success, we've run the football well. We're not going to turn away from that past first and foremost, but I think when you play your best opponents they challenge you along a broader spectrum of your offense. I think you need the ability be more balanced, but we'll try to run the football."

On what the win over Missouri did for their confidence heading into Saturday
"Missouri's defense was a pretty good defense and that offense with Brad Smith may well win the North. The opportunity to get behind at their stadium and then come back, I think that builds confidence in our football team within the ranks. Certainly, I think that will allow us to draw back on that experience. I think this game's position is different from some of the others that we've played. I don't know that we'll think of Missouri when we're playing Oklahoma. I think it will be a game that brings our players to play in a unique way."

On how they'll go about picking what aspect of OU's offense to stop
"It's gameplan. It's trying to stop a team that can both run and throw. It's difficult to do. If it was easy, it had been done a bunch by now."

On what the OU-OSU game means recruiting-wise in the state
"I think it probably means a lot to certain folks and not a lot to others. I think it's a specific deal. Some people grow up wanting to wear orange, some people not."

On how they'll prepare for Oklahoma's defense lining up Dan Cody in different spots
"Dan Cody is an advantage wherever they put him. He's got great speed, strong, tall, long. They're doing a great job adding him to spots of their defense when they need pass rush or just a big body. I think it's added to their defense."

On Oklahoma's defense
"I think it's pretty good. I know they're missing a couple guys, but I think the guys inside are playing awfully strong and well. Their five-techniques are good. Their backers can run and hit. I think their front seven is very formidable."

On if he has a problem with a freshman being a Heisman Trophy candidate
"(Laughs) No."

On if he's heard any good Sooner jokes lately
"(Laughs) No."

On if he has any good pregame soundbytes for Saturday's game
"(Laughs) I've got a lot of things on my mind, but appropriately it's the game. It's never been about the words, in my opinion. It's always been about the Saturday, how our guys play, filling the stadium and this state getting fired up about Oklahoma-Oklahoma State football. That's all it's been to me."

On how a freshman like Adrian Peterson can get more Heisman hype than Vernand Morency
"At this point, I'm not worried about the Heisman race. I'm worried about putting a team on the field that can win this Saturday. I don't think Vernand Morency worries about the Heisman race. I think it's something that is a bi-product of a great season. This season and the games are what you play for. Certainly, I'm not going to focus and I'm positive Vernand's not either. At some point and time when it's appropriate you will hear me, if in fact it's my guy, scream very loudly that he's deserving and where are you. I think we play our best opponents next. This stretch of the road that will determine Vernand's actual grasp on that national award."

On if they'll have to temper down the emotions of the players this week during practice
"We've never had a problem with enthusiasm through the week. That's always been a joy and never had to be curtailed, not this week."

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