WOMEN'S RECRUITING: Coale hits the jackpot

Coale lands talented twins from California duo over Texas and UConn.


JH: Courtney, do you know where you are going to school?

CP: "I am going to Oklahoma."

JH: Is your sister Ashley coming with you?

CP: "Yes, she is coming too but she has to call OU first."

JH: So we are the first to know?

CP: Yes, but I promise she is coming to OU."

JH: What was it about the OU program that you liked so much?

CP: "I guess it is just being around the players. They are just amazing people. They have great facilities and a great school, but it is the players that set them apart. I just love to watch them play because they play with so much heart. They love to play the game and they love playing the game with each other. It is a team and a coaching staff that cares about each other. When I was on my visit I just fell in love with the place and knew that it was the place for me."

JH: Describe your game and Ashely's game as well?

CP: "I am more of a power post player. I do more on the low block. Ashley is more versatile than I am. She can play out in the wing. I am more of your typical five player, while Ashley is a three or a four."

JH: How good is your high school team with you two on it?

CP: "We are contending to be the No. 1 team in the nation this year. So, we should be pretty good this year. "

JH: What did Coach Coale say when you told her that you were committing to OU?
CP: "She said that she had to get to her fastbreak meeting (Courtney said with laughter)."

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