Latimer says one school has inched ahead

The latest on Aurora, Colo. defensive end Zach Latimer


JH: Now that Christmas is behind you are you any closer to making a decision?

"I am probably going to meet with a couple of the coaches for the last time and make my decision after I meet with the last one. I want to meet with the head coaches that I haven't met with yet. I haven't met with Coach (Gary) Barnett or Coach (Larry) Coker yet. I met with Coach (Bob) Stoops in December. I meet with Coach Barnett on January 13th.

JH: Is OU still involved with your decision?

"OU is still very much in it. Everyday there has something different it seems where I will like this about a school or that about a different one. It just changes all the time. It seems to be between the three schools."

JH: Did the bowl games influence your decision at all?

"No, they didn't at all."

JH: What did you think of the Oklahoma defensive performance in the Cotton Bowl?

"I have been impressed with the Sooner defensive performance since the beginning of the year. Their performance in the Cotton Bowl was no different than from what they have been doing all year. Plus, they are playing with a lot of young players, so that defense is going to be good for the next couple of years. That isn't going to change and I have been very impressed with that as well."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

"A little bit. OU has inched ahead a little bit. I really enjoyed my visit, and that visit was so long ago, but I still have great memories from it and I can recall things that I was doing. I have been thinking

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