OU star says 'get out the vote'

Oklahoma reciever Mark Bradley discusses politics, elections and scoring touchdowns.

If Mark Bradley ran for president right now, he'd probably score the majority of votes from Oklahoma football fans who have watched him work his magic the last two seasons. The senior wide receiver turned in an incredible pre-election performance over the weekend when he hauled in three touchdown passes from Jason White, as the Sooners beat Bedlam rival Oklahoma State.

Sooners Illustrated editor Jay C. Upchurch caught up with Mr. Bradley on Tuesday to discuss politics, the election and scoring touchdowns:

SI: Getting away from football for just a second — since it's election day, are you keeping an eye on the happenings around the country?

Bradley: I watched the debates and I am going to vote. I would encourage all of the people to get out and vote. It's one of the most important elections this country has ever held.

SI: Do you vote here in Norman or by absentee ballot?

Bradley: I registered here about a month or so ago, so I'll be voting in Norman.

SI: What are the issue you find most important and that your feel may decide the outcome?

Bradley: I know the war is a big concern, but the loss of jobs all across the country is something that needs to be addressed. You look at the people who have lost jobs or had to settle for jobs with less pay — there are too many people unable to support their families like they really need to. That should happen in this country. I believe creating jobs should be a high priority.

SI: Is there much discussion amongst your teammates about the election or their political views?

Bradley: Not too much. Our main thing is focusing on school and working hard to play ball. Politics are more of a personal thing, so it really doesn't come up too much that I know of.

SI: Do you feel you and your teammates are influenced heavily by how your parents vote, or is that something you do on your own?

Bradley: I'm pretty sure most people our age are influenced by their parents, whether it's who to vote for or just to get out and vote. You can always advice someone to do something or to believe one way, but ultimately it's up to them to make that decision on their own.

SI: Are you worried at all about the same thing that happened in the 2000 election happening again this time?

Bradley: When it happened, I thought it was a bad situation. But that was four years ago and I'm not going to worry about it unless things start going south. We'll see what happens.

SI: Have you voted in a presidential election in the past?

Bradley: This is my second one. I've voted every election I can think of since I turned 18. If you want to have a voice in your future then you need to get out and vote.

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