RECRUITING: Texas speedster has a new leader

The latest on Forney, Texas speed demon DaBryan Blanton


JH: It's amazing that you have run a 4.29 forty-yard dash. How in the world do you do it?

"That is something I work on a lot. I practice with placement of my arms which is very important. My arms move fast and they have to keep pace with my legs. I think I am a track guy who has football ability. I can cut and weave with this speed without breaking down and I can maintain my speed in the football movements."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting?

"My top two are still Oklahoma and Tennessee. Right now I really feel that Oklahoma has jumped into the lead, because I haven't visited Tennessee at this time."

JH: I understand your mom wants you to go somewhere close to home is that true?

"My mom wants me to go where I am the most comfortable. She would like me to stay close to home, but she is letting me make the decision."

JH: Talk about the two schools and tell us what you like or dislike about both?

"At Tennessee I like how their track and football work. They have football players doing both. They have both a good football program and a track program. At Oklahoma I like the offense and their program. From what I have been told their track program is developing. I loved Norman and the facilities at OU."

JH: When you talked to the OU track coaches about the program, what were your impressions?

"They were nice coaches and I learned that at one time OU had some great sprinters. I really haven't heard that much about the OU track program lately, but I really think track is an individual sport anyway. With the right coaches and facility I can still do well in track and field. Bob Stoops told me he didn't care if I ran track or not, and in fact he encourage me to do so."

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