Franchione on Oklahoma

Texas A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione talks about Saturday's matchup against Oklahoma.

Below are excerpts from Texas A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione's weekly press conference Tuesay in College Station. Quotes courtesy of

On his team being coached to not talk about last year's loss to Oklahoma
"I don't know how much value there is in re-hashing those things. This is a different team that '03, it's a different team than '02. It's a different situation. They're in your memory bank. You can draw from them. You don't erase them. But for us to talk about them is really wasted time. We need to talk about this week. It's a full-time job getting ready for this team."

Of if their pass defense is a conceran against Oklahoma
"There offense is a concern as much as anything. They are balanced. They can run and pass just about as well as anyone in America. We're pretty good at that, as well, but they're really good at it. They've got a great tailback and a great quarterback. I don't know if you're ever going to find many teams historically certainly, and in the future of college football, that has a sixth-year quarterback that just won the Heisman and a freshman tailback that's being mentioned as one. Just the number of starters they have back on their team. They just have a great football team. There are a lot of concerns when you play a team like that. Hopefully we can make them have to throw the football and then we'll be concerned about our pass defense.

On what he did to help his team forget about the Oklahoma game
"I don't think that (game) was the bigger problem. It was the season that we were going through that we were dealing with. The biggest thing we had to accomplish happened in the offseason when we had to become a team. I don't think we were strong enough group together to make it through adversity without letting it bother us."

On if Reggie McNeal's big game against Oklahoma as a true freshman hurt him last season
"I've said many times that we put a lot, maybe too much on Reggie too quick. That happens to heralded recruits sometimes. Sometimes we put too much on them too quickly. I think that was a lot to be put on Reggie last year. He handled it well, but he's much prepared to handle those sorts of issues now."

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