Long says Sooner offense prepared for stretch run

Oklahoma Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long talks about the state of the Oklahoma offense heading into Saturday's showdown with Texas A&M. Jason White, Adrian Peterson and the Sooner offense are currently ranked 12th nationally in scoring offense. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Oklahoma Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long is calling plays for one of the top offenses in college football. Yet still, many OU fans are upset with his play-calling and ability to lead the offense. Welcome to Oklahoma football. Can you name the last offensive coordinator at OU that stayed in the fans good graces through an entire season?

Long knows that criticism comes with the territory and he doesn't let it bother him. He has a gameplan for the Sooner offense and thus far that gameplan has led them to an 8-0 record and No. 2 ranking nationally.

Coach Long is always working hard stay in shape, and after a 25 minute session on the ski machine at the Sooners indoor facility he talked to OUInsider.com for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Texas A&M used to be known for the pressure they put on a quarterback. Is that still the case?

CL: "They will still pressure you and we have to be alert to that. If you look at their defensive stats, one of their corners has five sacks. They are bringing pressure that way. They are just more settled into their system. Last year the coaches were trying to get to know their players and trying to fit a system with their players. They were trying to find the right pieces. Now you can see the fruits of their labor. They have the right pieces in place and they are fitting them into their system a lot better."

JH: Many people feel that last year's offense is better than this year's offense, but you have maintained that it is not. Why is that perception among many people?

CL: "That is because they saw all the points that we scored last year. However, what happened to us is that we got into a real finesse mode last year on offense. We lost some physicalness at the end of the year last year. We are now so much better physically in the trenches than we were last year that it is a noticeable difference. Those are the things that get you through the fourth quarters, and those are the things that get you through the end of the year. What we found out at the end of the year last year is that we were so finesse that you bog down at the end of the year. That is why we feel good about attending to our run game."

JH: Isn't Texas A&M a multiple defensive team?

CL: "Yes, they are. And not only are they multiple, but they shift around a lot before the snap. They try to give you one look and shift to another look. We have been working hard on that this week. They have really been doing a good job, and they have some confidence. That is most evident."

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