Stoops pondering Florida offer

Where is Bob Stoops leaning as of late Friday? Did he call recruits Friday? Was he in Gainseville or Norman Friday night? Get the latest details on these questions from James Hale and our sources within the program... has learned that Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops has been contacted today by the University of Florida regarding their vacant head coaching position.

Other sources indicate that today was also the first time that Florida has offered Stoops the job and reports of this happening over the last few weeks are incorrect.

Bob Stoops has been offered the job today for the first time. There is no question about that it is his job if he wants it. However, as of late Friday evening our sources indicate that it is still a tough decision and at this time I would say he is leaning towards staying at OU. Contrary to reports, Stoops has not been in Gainesville today and still plans to go to the coaching convention next week in San Antonio. At this point the only coach he has discussed this situation with is his brother Mike. He has not talked to any other coach on the staff about the situation. Plus, he also called recruits on OU's behalf.

This doesn't mean he won't go to Florida, but it means he still worked for OU today and he has gone about his business as usual.

This is still a very tough decision for Stoops and his family, and Bob is somewhat of an emotional decision maker. It wouldn't be surprising if he didn't change his mind several times over the next 12 to 24 hours. Florida is a job he has always coveted, but that was before he got the Oklahoma job.

Remember, the OU job is one of the top five jobs in the country, especially now that it pays two-million a year and the administration is working toward improving the facilities. However, they still have work to do and the administration will have to let Bob know it will always have to be a committed effort to improve facilities and the working situation for his assistants.

So, as of late Friday night Stoops has been offered the job, but he has not accepted the position. This is the biggest decision of his coaching life and he really has to think it over.

OU is a great job and Bob has turned it into one of the top five in the country. Florida is up there too, but do you take another top five job just to take it? Again, we know that Bob and Carol love Gainesville and they love the weather. We also know that at Florida you have a built-in great recruiting base. However, it is tougher to win a national title at Florida then at OU. That is why as great as Spurrier was he only won one national title. Stoops won a national title in the Big 12 in just his second year. However, he has never avoided a challenge and he isn't going to now.

I have talked to several people close to the program and there is still a consensus that they feel Bob will stay. However, all say that Bob is an emotional decision maker, but a detailed one. He is great at putting all the facts together and then making the best decision possible, but he will continue to listen to both parties until he can make the proper decision.

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