Two Minute Drill: Bob Stoops

Just how good is Jason White playing? Will Marcus Walker start? Will Adrian Peterson play against Nebraska? Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops answered these questions and much more for after Monday's practice. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

The Sooners have jumped to the top of the computer polls and are still ranked second in the BCS poll. And you can bet that OU Head Coach Bob Stoops could care less as he prepares his team for a home battle with Nebraska. After practice today, Coach Stoops talked to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: I know that you have bragged on Jason White a bunch, but once again he is the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week.

BS: "Jason is just a very special player. You look at the last two weeks away from home in front of very rowdy crowds — he throws eight touchdowns and no interceptions. The other day he throws five in that crazy atmosphere and leads us from behind. He is just incredible as we don't have any penalties or turnovers, and it is do to his leadership. The guy is really something."

JH: What do you think about the fact that finally the media on a national basis is saying good things about Jason and with some he is back at the top of their Heisman list?

BS: "I don't know what people look at. Sometimes I think a guy is playing so well that he is taken for granted. You look around the country and compare his numbers with anybody you want in the country, and I bet they are better. I haven't compared them, but I just know they are as good or better. Again, you look at his work in the last two games in front of rowdy crowds and it is not easy to throw eight touchdown passes and no interceptions. The other night — five TDs, no interceptions and no penalties in that atmosphere was something special."

JH: What do you think about your field goal situation? Are you still confident in Trey DiCarlo?

BS: "There is no sense in worrying about it, but I am not particularly pleased. He did make all of his extra points and that is a positive side of it. He did miss a fairly long field goal (42 yards), so hopefully he will make them the next time his time comes."

JH: Will Trey be your kicker against Nebraska?

BS: "Yes."

JH: Have you considered bringing Garrett Hartley out of redshirt?

BS: "No."

JH: How is Adrian's health?

BS: "He practiced today and he will be ready to go."

JH: "Is Marcus Walker your starter at one of the corner spots?"

BS: "We will keep looking at it, but right now he is."

JH: Jason has put up some incredible numbers the last month. Has anything changed during that period of time to get him going?

BS: "No, it is just play calling, more opportunities and the way teams are trying to stop our running game. It is all of that as the more you crowd the run the more opportunities that he has."

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