Cody has seen OU's program grow to new heights

Senior defensive end Dan Cody talks about Nebraska, OU's win over Texas A&M and his career at Oklahoma. Cody, who leads the Sooners this season in sacks (8) and tackles for loss (13), is fourth on the all-time career sack list with 23. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Dan Cody will go down as one of the most popular players with the media and fans of the modern era. Cody has come all the way back from depression to play at an All-American level and he is certain to have a long and prosperous NFL career as well.

Cody is always willing to talk and is one of the most popular players in the team. He has certainly come a long way from earning one of the Sooners' last scholarships out of Ada, Okla.

Cody had to go to class today, but he was nice enough to talk this reporter one more time, especially since our relationship started back during his senior year in high school. Thus once more Dan Cody on the OUInsider Two Minute Drill.

JH: What do you remember about the OU program as you were getting ready for your freshman year?

DC: "I remember coming to watch Nebraska play here at home during my senior year in high school and Sooner fans were leaving in the third quarter. That definitely stood out to me. I was coming out of high school and I never really followed college football that closely, so it is hard for me to tell you what the program was like back then."

JH: So you weren't a fan of college football or the Sooners?

DC: "Well, I was a fan, but when I came here I only knew two of the coaches and two of the players. The fact the program was down is what kept me from being really involved with it."

JH: What happen to you when you fainted against Texas A&M?

DC: "We had just called everybody together for our fourth quarter and everybody got together. We got going and I remember that everybody broke it down and stepped back and I remember thinking that I was real sleepy. I said to myself, 'gosh I just want to lie down.' So, I just fell down, but I have had everything checked out and they have told me that I am fine. What happened was like when you hold your breath for a long time. You are not breathing and your heart keeps pumping, but you are not getting any oxygen to your blood, so I fainted."

JH: So you weren't worried about this being tied to any of your concussions in the past?

DC: "Well, I probably would have, but I knew that I had not taken any shots to the head. As soon as I popped up everything was fine. I knew what was going on, but I was real exhausted."

JH: Didn't you come out one play later as well or sometime later in the game?

DC: "Yeah, I came out when I had that hit on their quarterback. I was still a little out of it, but they gave me some stuff that got my sugar count up. I took what they gave me and I was fine."

JH: Your senior class has done some amazing things at OU hasn't it?

DC: "That and just to be able to see everything grow up around here. We were talking about that the other day that we have watched everything around this football program grow up and get better. I can remember when they were building this locker room and we were dressing in the visiting locker room. There were 100 lockers in a third of the space that we are in right now. I am just an arm length from me to Andre Woolfolk as our lockers were right across from one another. Just to be able to see all it and then to play with the players here has been unbelievable."

JH: Have you loved it here and enjoyed it at OU?

DC: "Oh man, I have loved it here. I am so proud that I got a chance to be a part of it and especially proud to have played football with these guys."

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